Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Too Good to be True? Not this Cosmic Pearl of Wisdom!

In an earlier post I wrote: Being a psychically inspired Cosmic, I realize that I’m the closest I’ll get this life round to becoming the Animate God that’s still evolving out of nature to dwell in a state of conscious perfection. I can’t say I’m really euphoric with my progress in this incarnation; it still leaves much to be desired; and so presumably does that of all my karmic predecessors; but I’ll carry on doing the best I can with my lot in an effort to blaze a cosmicated trail to what must surely become a life-after-life harmonious future. Well, since that posting, serendipity has yet again come to my aid to dispel any doubts I might have housed regarding progress in this incarnation. Right now I am ecstatic about it: my cosmogony has been proven beyond reasonable doubt: I exist in a state of nirvana: I can wish for no more: and all I want to do, as my life is my work and my work is my life, is to share this new-found happiness with you all – Not only this, the cosmic wisdom bestowed upon me to be passed on to you is free! So, receive it in the spirit with which it is offered, and once aboard this eternal lifeboat to the future, only disseminate it to others in a like manner.

If you’ve found this website, the likelihood is you feel it was by chance. But, is anything by chance when the result leads to making a fortunate and unexpected discovery? Perhaps you have a talent for doing this, an inborn sixth sense - Namely serendipity! So, maybe this talent has now fortuitously worked for you, just as it most certainly has for me. For some months the Cosmos Coconut Club had been gathering dust, and apart from maintaining this site with ever-progressive and thought-provoking copy, and also sending out kindred spirit emails to other sites that I considered were trying to disseminate messages similar to my own, I’d begun to feel I’d never be in a position to substantiate all I’d written in my scripture, On the Square plus One, and was now advocating on this site – Serendipitously, I was to be proved wrong!

As a result of such a chance email I sent to www.opencheops.org, which is there for all to see, introducing myself as being kindred to its cause, subsequent email exchanges with its creator eventually vindicated all I wrote as the demented clown in On the Square plus One, especially in Brian and the Rainbow Men. The enigmatic formula fed into my mind psychically as my plane was banking over and I was fixedly gazing down at the Egyptian pyramids in 1980, y = x square plus one, I've learnt is indeed a famous one that was known to and used by the Ancient Egyptians when adepts were being Initiated, or Christed, at the Mystery School within the Great Pyramid of Cheops; and it's still preserved by the Masons today. Why so secretly? I think my informant must really have been surprised that I should have been made privy to it in the strange way I was, and he has come round to accepting that the solution I attach to it in the book is correct. It's the symbolic formula for the evolutionary progress of Universal Intelligence, and indicates that this is an ever-cyclic, eternal process, without beginning or end, and only having evolutionary stages between each birth and fruition. And the fact that this formula can never equate with nought means that the Seed of the Universe can never become cosmically extinct; as the One, which is its eternal and latent code is ever-present in the Seed - A trifle profound, perhaps, but simple if given a little bit of logical thought.

Having learnt this, you must realize why I now feel ecstatic; and cannot possibly have been simply a deluded loony, as many since my writing my whimsical scripture must have considered me. It's just that where ignorance is still bliss to most, it surely is folly to have been made wise. Have a look at this website sometime; it's an education in itself without the added authenticity of my own experience. So, serendipitous ones, feel joyous: You're on an unsinkable lifeboat towards conscious perfection, and then back into the crushing pot to start all over again – However, just as long as you don't rock the boat too much and drown on route! Why me the messenger? It's all explained by Rainbow Man Ray, aboard the Chariot of Fire in Dream to Reality. And, as now explained to me, I have triangles on my palms to prove it! Have a look between your own Head and Heart lines, just about where the Fate line crosses them, and see whether you can detect any on your own palms. It indicates that one of your own karmic predecessors was himself spiritually Christed by the Ancient Egyptians, as was Jesus himself, before he eventual allowed himself, for a second time to be crucified; but on that fearful occasion things went terribly wrong, and he ended up being physically murdered; his death then leading to the fairy story that now fronts for Christianity. What a world we live in! No wonder, my psychic Master was so pissed off, when destiny had me Initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries in 1980, and gave me such a mentally-crucifying hard time in the process. Anyway, all augurs well now.

What a great pity this reassuring ancient cosmic wisdom has been so perverted and mostly lost to modern mankind; and right now, I feel, as one illumined, it can only be reintroduced surreptitiously and strategically to avoid even greater global disharmony and misery. So, full details pertaining to this authenticity of Cosmos Club cosmogony remain secreted for the time being on DVDR. Suffice it to say, though, it's all a bit Vedanta Hindu really, but now having my own Cosmental experience as living proof to galvanize the faith! Nirvana is only to be found in life, not in death! And only self-experience can lead a person into believing this to be the Absolute Truth of the Whole. As you must already be aware from previous posts, I'm now as part of my water-on-the stone strategy trying to reintroduce a modicum of happiness-in-life thinking back into the all-life-is-suffering tenets of Buddhism. But, so far, my overtures to the status-quo-rocks have fallen upon stony ground. However, I do believe that at least my Sri Lankan father-in-law and my wife have already got the message. Others I come in contact with personally at the Cosmos Coconut Club can deal with my resurrected news as they see fit - For it is said in Kundalini illumined circles: For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation is possible.

But, am I finished? Not Quite! A few mornings ago after being acquainted with the validity of my cosmogony, I awoke refreshed for a change. The problem dreams I’d been experiencing of late hadn’t been in evidence. In fact, I’d encountered a few friendly faces from the past that seemed pleased to see and greet me. And, all at once, a topical psychic impression flooded my mind: Scientists were frantically striving to identify a so-called God Force, through a theory of Super Symmetry, and just days away from testing the gizmo to recreate the Big Bang. Well, whether they succeed or not and without having to get involved in a morass of math and scientific nitty-gritty myself, I can confidently confirm to these scientific boffins that such a Force does exist. But, it might also be a sobering thought to them that the Ancient Egyptians knew about it thousands of years ago, and as a result held Mystery Schools that turned out Initiates having no choice but to believe in Eternal Life.

So, all in all, for me, it’s: Eureka! Serendipity! Authenticity! QED!

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka