Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jesus' Demise - According to Brian!

The following is really just an afterthought to my last post - My Ongoing Mission - A Concluding Overview - but a very important one if read in conjunction with my quartet 'On the Square plus One':

‘The spear that ended the short life of Jesus threw universal consciousness totally out of balance, and you now have seventeen years in which to try and rectify this imbalance.’ Startling news to this effect was just one of the radical concepts pertaining to my strange psychic initiation into the Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops in 1980, during which over a mentally-crucifying and presaged four-day-and-night period without sleep, and under pain of extinction without redemption for myself and humanity if I failed to cope with the initiation process, I was acquainted with the sole purpose of the universe and man’s place in it, and tasked to disseminate the glad tidings without getting persecuted in the process – Just like Jesus before me!

Without further elucidation, since full details for anyone interested are to be found in my quartet ‘On the Square plus One’, I will just concentrate on how all this affects the tragic demise of Jesus and the false legacy this has given to the world for the past two thousand years. At the start of my initiation, a forlorn entity, pleading from the psychic wilderness, and purporting to be Jesus, stated that he was being held in karmic limbo and wouldn’t be released unless I satisfied the stringent terms of what was about to be my own imminent initiation; and, believe me, stringent they were. Suffice it to say, though, in the end I feel I succeeded in the task, and now Jesus has another chance, like me and anyone else, of progressing life-after-life towards conscious perfection, fully understanding he is not and never was the sole agent to eternal life. Everlasting life, via reincarnation or rebirth, is the modus operandi of the cosmic plan for all, not the specious one concocted by the Church just to satiate the Old and New Testament heaven-and-hell scenario of a vindictive Judaic Jehovah. And, after extensive research since my initiation, I’m sure there was no need for Jesus to have committed himself to be murdered on the + cross, when he’d already been Christed on an X cross at the Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops and initiated to believe, like me, that death is simply an illusion. This was his terrible mistake, and Constantine in adopting Judaic-influenced Christianity as the Roman religion after his two visions of the Greek X and P, failed to recognize the profound significance of these two symbols, and allowed the + cross of death sign to prevail, as it sadly still does today, over that of the X cross sign of everlasting life.

So, it would seem, believe it or not, I was psychically Christed into the Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops in 1980 for indeed two very good reasons: To help out a brother-initiate in dire straits: And, as previously stated in my last post, to impart, once again, fundamental spiritual wisdom and reassurance of life-everlasting to all those who by self-experience within the sanctum of their own existence are desirous of heeding the message.

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka