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Esoteric Hebrewism? (Or, Atonist Abrahamism?) – According to Brian!

As serendipitously-gleaned intelligence has undoubtedly been of ongoing importance in Brian’s mystically-inspired existence, I somehow sensed that this idiosyncrasy would eventually oblige me to write a sequel to my article, Good Shepherds? (No, Incorrigible Crooks!) – It being my steadfast wont to handle such literary business on his behalf! So, fellow travellers, please bear with me, as I relate his rather astonishing, etymological and ethnological treatise on Hebrewism, which even I, Brian’s lifelong companion, when originally learning about it, found hard to believe – But, believe it I now do!    

Consequential to Brian effectively becoming an inspector of mankind, following his 1980 mystical-initiation, he’d never ceased seeking solace from recorded history to support the primary revelations emanating from this initiation process, these being that: Death is an illusion: We will evolve life-after-life to a state of deification and conscious perfection here on Earth, providing we can eventually gain accord with cosmic harmony: And, above all, the biblical story of Jesus and Mary was simply based on the Ancient Egyptian myth of Horus and Isis, and not a lot to do with Christed life-after-life consciousness. Needless to say, perhaps, Brian had found little to support such thinking and had sadly concluded that if any of it had been known to seers in the past, it had been so deliberately suppressed by every self-serving power there’d been over the ages that it was little wonder the poor, ignorant sod in the street just didn’t really stand an earthlyAs Brian so poetically put it!

However, eventually, with the advent of Internet, this was to change, and slowly, slowly, more and more evidence appeared therein to debunk our deviously-documented human history and illumine our well-corrupted mind-sets. Much of this thinking had indeed been known for millennia, and Brian had no longer felt isolated in his mission to blaze abroad what he rightly thought to be his truth concerning our deified conscious being. His efforts had therefore continued apace, incorporating corroborative evidence in so doing; and I feel no need to elaborate on this, as the many articles on this CCC site and his associated sites ought to speak for themselves. Recently, however, Brian had been given good reason to seriously ponder over just what had really given rise to all the secrecy, symbolism and duplicity that had proliferated throughout the ages and subsequently given birth to the dire, materialistic and almost spiritual-less condition of today’s human world. Documentary evidence had come to light to modulate his previous thinking about the Hebrews, and therefore what I’d written in my last article: He’d learnt that the Hebrew language had probably originated millennia before the so-called Hebrews of the bible had even existed. Rightly or wrongly, and he believes it more than likely right than wrong, the cause of our present problems, perhaps unwittingly, though, had started after a tribe of ancient esoterists, seers and sages had to abandon what is now known as Ireland, during the ice-age, moving south-east, and began spreading their innate pearls of wisdom to the rest of the undeveloped world. What they were then known as is anyone’s guess - maybe Ibrians, Brian joked - but one thing that seems certain after etymological research and has been expounded by other scholars seeking the truth is that the language these elitists founded and utilized to secretly preserve their wisdom had indeed been Hebrew, and this of course was many millennia before Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch, if he ever existed, had become a twinkle in his father’s eye!

Skip a few millennia, and what do we find? Advanced civilizations that seem to have sprung up like magic in the Middle-East, notably in Ancient Egypt, so-called Land of the Gods, where the Great Pyramid and Sphinx still defy attempts to decipher their true purpose and explain just how they had managed to be created with such architectural, zodiacal and mathematical precision. With this in mind, I will now list supporting evidence for the above concept: These ancient monuments had figured notably in his 1980 initiation: It was this advanced civilization, according to reliable documentation, that for millennia had been a peaceful and well-settled one, operating under the auspices of Amun-Ra, the most widely-revered of its pantheon of mythical gods: And there is little doubt from statuary and mummified evidence that its ancient rulers had embraced a light-skinned, ginger-haired and elitist stock of people. So, what better than this to add credence to what might well have been a peaceful, noble and ancient Irish Diaspora?
Furthermore, there can be little doubt that they firmly believed in an afterlife that involved reincarnation or rebirth!
All was not overt, though! This sun-worshiping ancient civilization’s elitists opted to keep their esoteric wisdom to themselves, and a pyramidal system of control was instituted whereby only they and those they felt worthy of sacred initiation could became party to their occult and innate wisdom; in what came to be known as their mystery schools.  A caste system had inevitably been created, and alas with it a powerful and corrupted priesthood that in time led to gross discontent. If benevolent, well-balanced dictatorship could have remained the order of the day, as originally intended, an efficacious and meritorious system might have ensued, but with most humans back then being just like they still are, temporally and spiritually unbalanced and self-serving, this pyramidal system was surely doomed to failure; and will remain so, unless humanity in some way can effectively become cosmicated. And here there’s a big problem: What will be the fourth essential ingredient of the Y=X square plus One formula that will ensure this cosmication and thus permit humanity to progress towards conscious perfection and ultimate deification on Earth?

Nevertheless, back in Ancient Egypt the Great Pyramid complex did eventually become the foremost mystery school in the known world, teaching and justifying death to simply be an illusion, and even it is claimed attended by Jesus, if he ever existed, until it was systematically put out of action by those who had no wish to have their alternative, dogmatic, specious and religious control systems put in jeopardy, by allowing the masses to discover for themselves that they were embryonic deities in their own right, everlasting, and didn’t need intermediary agents to connect them with Brian’s Ultimate Force, or in other words their own Higher SelvesEnough said about this, though, it’s all been said before!

So, what happened to further convolute this secretive and esoteric system? Well, this is a long story, conducted over millennia, involving one major land-grab after another, as more powerful, ill-conceived and so-called civilizations tried to impose their self-serving and pseudo-esoteric brand of control over their neighbours. And there’s no need to expand on this, as its complexity would surely detract from the fundamental reason for this article, which is: What is to be believed – Esoteric reincarnation or Abrahamic resurrection? Because, this really could amount to becoming a matter of eternal life or death for humanityOr simply, which brand of ancient Hebrewism is kosher, so to speak!   

To cut this long story short, therefore, Brian felt we only need to backtrack some four millennia, when now-recorded history seems to have fermented a cataclysm of dissension in this respect. Briefly: The Nile-delta area of the Ancient Egyptian civilization had continuously been invaded by Canaan populations for some four centuries before a more concerted invasion of the Hyksos, a Semitic people, had taken place: Their rulers had then reigned over this area for hundreds of years: From this background, whatever the truth behind it may be, then arose the saga of Akhenaton, madman or seer, who strived to impose monotheism on the already well-established pantheism of the entire region – Result, failure at the time in this respect, but seemingly to have been a major success in given substantial substance to all that now represents the three Abrahamic faiths of the Hebrews! The latter-day brand of Hebrewism, that is!

Now, where was Abraham, assuming he ever existed, while all this was taking place? Well, dead most of time, but the heaven and hell scenario of his vindictive demiurge, Jehovah, Yahweh or Baal, had been indelibly stamped on most of the lands adjacent to Ancient Egypt. So, its influence must have accompanied the invading hordes, including the Hyksos, which no doubt accounts for the growing assumption that they were indeed the Hebrews or akin to them.
Next, we have to consider: How did Abraham, if he existed, come to preach an antithesis to reincarnation religion? Pure egotism, anything to be different, and to promote his Hebrew tribe as the so-called chosen race, thinks Brian in his usual right-down-to-earth manner. Is this being unfair? Maybe not, if Abraham’s alleged life-history is taken into account. One stage of this finds him, whatever he was then called, in India, home of the Hindu God Brahma, and all that represents belief in reincarnation. Brahma has a consort called Saraswati. Now, isn’t it strange that when he finally arrives in the Ancient Egyptian kingdom, he has become known as Abraham with a consort called Sarah?
Just coincidence? Not according to Brian, who considers Abraham simply represents A-Brahma, the English way of indicating the direct opposite to Brahma. So, fellow travellers, do you not think that Akhenaton, another egomaniac, must have been well acquainted with this Abraham, Father of the Hebrews, background, and was also seeking glory for himself within a much older civilization that was following the belief system akin to that of the ancient Hindus?  

Whatever, it seems certain that Akhenaton, after being turfed out of Ancient Egypt, regrouped his followers, and his Atonist crusade has continued throughout the ages ever since and led to the present clandestine activities of the so-called New World Order and its blue-blood rulers, who are still hell-bent on enslaving the rest of our human world. But, this has been fully covered in previous posts on this site, under the title The Irish Origins of Civilization, by Michael Tsarion, which has been complimented by the 1923 findings in a book entitled, Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids, by Conor MacDari.

In ending this article, Brian would just like to add that if he hadn’t received the mystical initiation he did in 1980, he would probably never have become any the wiser about all this. But, having received it, he knows which type of Hebrewism he would choose to follow, subject to a few reservations – The former esoteric variety, if it had existed! If it didn’t, then he only wishes that it had. How’s about you?

Brian, Cosmos Coconut Club, Sri Lanka             

Good Shepherds? (No, Incorrigible Crooks!) – According to Byron!

Oh, poor humanity! How we have all been fooled! And it is now taking an illumined fool to cut through the trickery and expose the truth – His name is Brian, The Lambeth Pilgrim!  It’s been a long hard grind for BTLP; I’ll call him this for short. And it all started, at least during his present life, in 1935of the Gregorian calendar – In where else but Lambeth, London, England!  And who then of his forebears would have wanted to doubt the iniquitous intrigue behind the terms Gregorian or Lambeth, London, England.   

Serendipitously, the term ‘Lamb’ seemed to have figured in BTLP’s life in one sense or another, from the time his mother, Lambethian Lou, gave him birth. And, I mustn’t forget to mention Lambethian Charlie, his father, and the role he played in BTLP’s birth; as in no way can I consider him to have been the result of an immaculate conception. This was made quite clear to Brian by virtue of his 1980 mystical initiation. So, BTLP was off to a flying start, so to speak, taking his first breath in Lambeth in a house of minor distinction, which just so happened to be an old gate-house to a far more acclaimed Lambeth Palace of ecclesiastical note. To enable him to mature into the ever-radical Lambeth Pilgrim, therefore, what better start could Brian have had? Not that he could ever have realized this until very much later in life. For, it wasn’t until 1980, when Brian became mystically-initiated by his Higher Self, that he realized BTLP had always been part of a cosmic strategy to be enacted on planet Earth in the system of the Sun To conduct a real-life pilgrimage of mind-boggling proportions for the sake of mankind’s conscious survival, life after life, ad infinitum. Yes, fellow travellers, it was to be this important!
Well, with the given name Brian, of old Irish origin, BTLP had battled his way through life, having to deal with all the facets of existence that prevailed around him and his contemporaries, which seemed to have been cast in stone, and over which he had no control or liking. He’d felt like a slave to the system; thereby, simply gone through the motions, so to speak; and, now, looking back on his life, little could he have known that in singing the following hymn by John Bunyan at school, time and time again, he would eventually become the pilgrim to try and counter all the pilgrim of the hymn so blatantly symbolized:     

‘Who would true valour see, let him come hither; one here will constant be, come wind, come weather. There’s no discouragement shall make him once relent. His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim. Whoso beset him round with dismal stories do but themselves confound; his strength the more is. No lion can him fright. He’ll with a giant fight. He will have a right to be a pilgrim. Hobgoblin nor foul fiend can daunt his spirit. He knows he at the end will life inherit. Then fancies fly away. He’ll fear not what men say. He’ll labour night and day to be a pilgrim.’

Yes, fellow travellers, a hymn written for and on behalf of the Hebrews to bolster their iniquitous ‘Yahweh, Heaven and Hell’ agenda, and nothing at all to do with the authentic Christed, life-after-life, ad infinitum message of Jesus. And, still the Hebrews, via Atonism, are attempting to control the world, and it is BTLP who is still now labouring night and day to combat this iniquity.  

But, let me skip on to explain why BTLP wants, in amplification of the above, to make it quite clear that in no way, in spite of his birthplace, does the term Lambeth represent to him what the Hebrews have endeavoured to make it mean, down through the ages; as supplemented by the ecclesiastical presence of Lambeth Palace, London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the so-called Church of England, which is no more than a purloined copy of Roman Catholicism; and all that is wrong with Churchianity and its clandestine attachment to Atonism. If one searches for a traditional meaning of Lambeth, it will no doubt say something like ‘landing place for lambs’ – As it no doubt was before urbanization of the area took place and Lambeth was still meadowland! But, how had this name originated? Once again, we have to look to the Hebrews – ‘Lam’ is the twelfth letter of their alphabet, and ‘beth’ means ‘house of’ or ‘place of’ in their language. Furthermore, the letter ‘Lam’ is in the shape of a shepherd’s crook, which was based on a similar symbol from Ancient Egypt. So, Lambeth has had a connection, via shepherds, sheep, lambs and crooks, going right back to Ancient Egypt, and goodness only knows where else before this; only then to be appropriated by the possessive mania of the Hebrews. William Blake, the renowned mystic, must have known a thing or two when he said and discretely seemed to intimate this when writing the following:

 ‘The Surrey hills glow like the clinkers of the furnace: Lambeth Vale; where Jerusalem’s foundations began; where they were laid in ruins.’

 So, in enacting what BTLP was mystically-tasked to do, I guess he couldn’t help but feel he would always be in mortal danger, especially when knowingly setting out on his pilgrimage. I was later to write in ‘Brian and the Rainbow Men’:

‘Brian's wife eventually turned off the main road, drove cautiously through a small village, and parked beside a disused slaughterhouse. By this time, a very tired Brian was languishing in his own small world of perfection, but realized he was still powerless to convince others that he was fighting for their lives. Overcome with fear, he knew he would soon be on stage, facing hostile disbelievers who would rather die than admit somebody knew more than themselves. But, he had to accept there was no escape from the folk who lived on the narrow-minded hill of ignorance. Brian, the Lamb, was about to enter the arena as their entertainer, and the close proximity of the abattoir all at once seemed highly prophetic.’

Later, when I wrote ‘Brian and the Animate God’, when BTLP was still struggling to make my presence known to the literary world, which was not unexpectedly deaf to his overtures, bearing in mind what my first book had related, the following appears:    

“... I was born in the sacred gate-house to Lambeth Palace, you know; I demand the right to be acknowledged as the ‘Lambeth Pilgrim’, planet Earth’s latter-day custodian of the heavenly keys.”

Even then, BTLP would not have known of all that would later mystically-colour his life, right up to the present, to modulate and reveal the true meaning behind what I had written. In this article, I just want to set the record straight – That out of the sordid remnants of our duplicitous past, BTLP was born to give light, hope and balance to our tortured world. For, I wrote when BTLP and I ventured out onto our bitter-sweet, teleported excursion into his past the following:
‘We were travelling on a double-decker tramcar as it rattled and swayed along the tortuous network of rails that once criss-crossed Greater London, connecting one world with another. It was one of those chilly, damp, featureless English days. Heavy skies, obstinate mist, and grey in every hue had stamped their mark; whilst streets, monot­onously lined with colourless, grimy brick buildings did very little to cheer the cockles of the heart. This zero-option backdrop to Brian’s newly acquired consciousness could hardly have looked more foreboding, considering that almost two thousand years before another somewhat more widely acknowledged child had been born, allegedly to give light to the world. That light, it was to be revealed later to Brian, was sadly in need of a new mantle before it flickered out completely, leaving the remnant gas supply to asphyxiate us all.’

So, fellow travellers, there’s not a lot left to say about the serendipitous and mystical happenings in the life of BTLP, except to emphasize that he’s still active in Sri Lanka, running the Cosmos Coconut Club, to further the cause of his mystically-inspired cosmogony and pilgrimage; and strangely (or can anything be classified as strange in his life?)  the club is in the garden of his residence in an area known as Lambert Estate, named after the person who acquired the whole area in the dim and distant past. Is this just coincidence? I don’t think so! For, when I was last in conclave with Brian, my lifelong companion, he just smiled at such an absurd idea, and was quick to add that even to reach his old family-house in Haycroft Road, Brixton, Lambeth, London, where he had dwelt for twenty years, one had to approach it from the main road, via Lambert Road. He then explained that the word Lambert had the more Germanic meaning of ‘Bright Land’, or even more broadly meant ‘Innocent’. I therefore have to conclude that whatever anyone else might want to think to the contrary that Brian, the Lamb, of old, and Brian, the Lambeth Pilgrim, still remains Brian, the Lamb - But a very much more illumined and far less ‘woolly’ version of the old! I rest my case!

May the Force be with you!

Cosmically yours,

Byron Warbash