Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal - It Does If You're Cosmicated!

To follow up my last article – Ad Infinitum, Amen – I feel it now time to compound my psychically-inspired philosophy with even more speculative profundity. But, to effect this, I think I ought to outline the logical and progressive thought-process of my own cosmication. So, first and foremost following my extraordinary experience of 1980, I had to decide if the happening had been psychic or psychotic. And, as the whole experience had made so much sense, I opted for it being psychic. But, I realized most others to whom I divulged the revelation would think I was crazy. But, undeterred, I persevered with the cosmic task of disseminating the message ordained, without getting persecuted in the process. And I was encouraged when I found a pearl of wisdom under the title – Hope Springs Eternal – which in an adapted form follows: Here's to the crazy ones: The misfits: The rebels: The trouble-makers: The round pegs in the square holes: The ones who see things differently. They're not governed by uncompromising edicts, and they have no respect for a stagnant status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the one thing you should never do is ignore them – As they can change things! They push humankind forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, others see genius – Because the people, who are adamant enough to think they can change the world, are often the ones who do. So, acting upon the information I received psychically, I began writing my whimsical scripture, On the Square plus One; and in Part I, Brian and the Rainbow Men, I established a symbolic Universal Management Committee: The Ultimate Force, the Leading Light and the Guiding Power: a non-denominational and inanimate control trinity, operating in the realm of Rainbow Land. Because, just as you can’t possibly see an oak tree by cutting open an acorn, it was obvious to me that the Seed of the Universe, the original seed of all, could not have declared its own fruition at the time of the Big Bang. So, I created this symbolic realm together with its Rainbow Men supporters, to give it a means of both exposing and imposing its inherent code.

Developing the theme from there, the following is an extract from the book, where the Ultimate Force, having become aware of the diverse problems on planet Earth in the System of the Sun, reflects on the wisdom of It having created a new domain for the evolution of universal intelligence from an explosive genesis to conscious perfection – Its Fruition – and, thereby endeavouring to emancipate Itself from an inanimate state and into a living and perfected conscious one!

It reads:

Completely aware of the events taking place in Rainbow Land, and carefully monitoring the chequered progress of the Leading Light in its efforts to find a satisfactory solution to the current crisis, the Ultimate Force pondered over the wisdom of having embarked upon this latest enterprise at all.
It seemed an inordinate length of time had passed since the Latent Intelligence contained within the Universal Seed, for so long repressed by the black hole that had ended Its previous escapade, had again broken loose to distribute Its mighty presence across the length, width, and depth of the void that was to become Its domain and con­stitute a new Universal Entity destined once again to expand and con­tract in accordance with the disciplined rules of cosmic har­mony.
But, as the Ultimate Force pondered, It just had to accept the irrefutable fact that It had really had no choice in the matter. It had been under an enormous pressure from Its innermost instinct to be born yet again. The Code within the Universal Seed had dictated it, and the resultant explosive birth had been inevitable.
The Ultimate Force had been propelled from the black hole with the usual reckless abandon that would only in time be brought un­der control by the inherent nature of the Universal Seed’s other four disseminated forces. And, spiraling outwards in every direction simultaneously, these forces had eventually generated a multitude of sub‑divisions by chain reaction and the whole fragmentation had finally stabilized into the innumerable galaxies that now constituted the expanding Universe.
Essentially, the Universe was simply a source of energy that the Ultimate Force could rely upon to transform Its own Latent Intelligence into comprehensive conscious intelligences that when evolved and perfected would give some mean­ing to and a practical purpose for Its existence in the first place. In essence then, the Universal Seed would be brought to fruition.

So, early in the whimsical presentation of my radical philosophy, the basic evolutionary intelligence die was cast – Not without reason: All that had happened during my Spiritual Emergence of 1980 had dictated it, the content of Ad Infinitum, Amen, just one important part of this experience.

Now, let me skip to a later section of my written saga, Brian and the Animate God. I’d teleported myself into the far distant future to be at One with our Animate God, the emancipated and consciously perfected Ultimate Force here. But, I was to become confused; because if the universe was a general breeding domain for the evolution of intelligence, what was to happen when the Animate God on planet Earth in the System of the Sun had eventually to call it a day and bow to the inevitability of Its animate demise. Could It just die and be reborn in another cosmic location? The sequence follows:

Brian quizzed the Colour-Sergeant further: "What does UF mean ‘in this neck of Its cosmic domain’? Does it mean there are other worlds with Conscious Intelligences in other parts of the Universe still going strong?"
"Probably, Sir! However, this is not our problem. By now, each world will certainly have its own pest-control brigade, under the direction of its own Animate God. We’ll end our being here, and then await materialisation as part of another brigade. And that, Sir, will probably be long after the creation of the next Universe…
"It’s also a matter of the Animate God to suit the environment really: conscious Intelli­gences of the Universe have to evolve different­ly everywhere: and each planet that supports Life eventually gets the Animate God that naturally evolves and that it deserves.
"What’s suitable here would hardly be suitable some­where else… And the Universe is so vast that even in the perfected state it is inconceiv­able that one world would ever have been able to integrate with another.
"But, the Ultimate Force in Its original form is part and parcel of all Animate Gods, and sets their standard of conduct, regardless of their physical form – Universally, of course!
"And as you know, Sir: UF always had a special interest in planet Earth, the place It called ‘The Pearl of the Universe’… There couldn’t be anywhere else old UF, in the form of our Animate God, would rather end Its conscious existence."
"Well, that’s comforting to know, Colour-Sergeant! I didn’t like the idea of UF, having phased out Beings here, then pushing off to sunnier climes."
"But, Sir, our Animate God has taken on board all other worthy Beings’ consciousness; they’re part and parcel of Its Eternal Psyche; and they go wherever It goes… Get it, Sir!"
"Of course, I now under­stand!
"Having been Animate God here, that’s the end of Its conscious existence; until It submits to the inevitable; merges with the Light; is reborn somewhere else; and finally reverts to an inanimate state… And, then, the whole process starts all over again, when the Ultimate Force has, with the assistance of gravity, recovered sufficient of Its fragmented parts from all over the Universe to make this possible... And so on, ad infinitum… It’s really ingeniou­s!"

And so, I’d finally satisfied my curiosity, and it has led me to understand that death is only a first class medium for bypassing time and space and progressing towards conscious perfection, wherever it might exist in the universe. And if asked the following question - Is death simply a first-class spaceship that can bypass time and space? – my reply has to be:

As far as spaceship death is concerned: Whether we like it or not, death is a trip we all have to make. So, why not think of it as a first-class means of slipping time and embarking on a space odyssey? It doesn’t really matter if this is what death is all about or not; it’s what satiates an individual’s psyche this life-time round that matters.

As a psychically inspired cosmic I’ve explained that I believe in the life-after-life progression towards conscious perfection, before the cosmos reverts to its seemingly inanimate state and starts the process of evolving its latent intelligence all over again. So, there are long spells when time itself becomes timeless in a conscious sense. I therefore asked myself: Where was my psyche from the time of the Big Bang, and perhaps even before, until my present conscious existence? After all, fifteen billion or so years is an awfully long period to be waiting in the wings to get on to the stage of life, especially as for most of it conscious existence, as we understand it, isn’t even possible. I therefore had to conclude: When in and out of conscious existence my psyche had remained in a state of suspended animation called death: this state was timeless, as it bypasses time in a conscious sense: and there was no reason for me to think otherwise when considering my psyche’s future journey.

As for death bypassing space: In a physical sense, space-travel in search of extra-terrestrial life seems a pretty remote possibility, due to the enormous distances involved. But, if the cosmos is considered to be a general breeding domain for the evolution of intelligence itself, as I believe it to be; and conscious existence is an essential part of this evolutionary process, there’s no reason for me to assume that my rebirth has to be here, on planet Earth in the system of the Sun. Unless there are no other conscious intelligences evolving in the cosmos, which I doubt very much, it could well be that death and rebirth afford a bypass to physical space-travel barriers. If so, I only hope that wherever my psyche ends up next, the planetary beings there have banished all the dark devils from their systems that at present plague our own planetary existence. And, if it goes nowhere else, and hangs around planet Earth in the System of the Sun to be reborn, I can only hope that Earthlings have by then also all developed a cosmic consciousness and have learnt to dwell in peace and harmony. Whatever, eventually, it’ll be back to the inanimate state and start all over again – And this is all down to the Ultimate Force!

This might sound outrageous – But, can anyone prove this psychically inspired ad infinitum philosophy wrong? I don’t think so.


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