Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ad Infinitum, Amen!

So far, not yet cosmicated? Perhaps the following might help to encourage a spiritual transition:

In an environment ever-cyclic by nature, nothing can ever end – Or, so I was led to believe by what, in the Desperate Year of the Lord 1980, purported to be the Scientific Trinity of the Universe, as it enlisted my mortal Earthly assistance from the subconscious realm of my immortal Cosmic existence. Dispelled was the traditional image of the Lord, lurking in Paradise, awaiting the heaven-sent miracle of becoming the conqueror of all evil at the end of time; and in His place a Cosmic Christ, simply part and parcel of an all-pervading, non-denominational Scientific Management Committee, seeking a far more practical method of reactivating the chequered progress of Universal Intelligence towards a state of Conscious Perfection. To me, at least, it was a clear case of ‘Seek not what the Lord can do for you, but what you can do for the Lord’. Yes, fellow travellers, it was a gargantuan pill to swallow, and anyone can read the full details of this startling revelation in my four-part literary work, entitled ‘On the Square plus One’ – So, without further ado, to use a very convenient cliché, on with the main theme of this article.

I can still recall vividly the vision that opened up before my eyes, whilst in a hypnagogic state of consciousness: a Book of Life, no less, its pages slowly turning to reveal my own progress, life after life after life, along the evolutionary path towards Conscious Perfection. A concerned Voice added more meaning to this vision: ‘Brian, why do you fear death?’ It had already asked rhetorically, prior to the manifestation of the vision, seeming to know that I was powerless to answer. ‘The pictures show your continuous life-after-life record,’ It went on to explain in a no-nonsense mode. ‘And the thickness of the pages represents death… Therefore, in living terms, death does not exist; it is timeless... So, why should you worry?’ With all else that had happened during the course of my psychic initiation into the Cosmos Club, I was therefore convinced that Life, a major element in the evolution of Universal Intelligence was de facto everlasting for as long as it was able to flourish within the confines of Its Cosmic Host, and my own living, conscious Cosmic existence was no exception to the rule. Obviously, there are very long periods, in terms of conscious thinking, along the evolutionary path of Universal Intelligence when Conscious Life cannot flourish. But, this matters not in a living sense, as death is timeless. Ask yourself this question – Where was my living conscious existence during the billions of years that it took for the Universal Intelligence to even evolve Life, let alone have it flourish towards perfection? The answer must be: It doesn’t matter an iota; your consciousness wasn’t around to get bored waiting. It was painlessly stored in a timeless vault called death, awaiting the chance to be born as soon as natural circumstances permitted – A necessity of the Code within the Seed of the Universe.

Ever since being initiated into the Cosmos Club, I’ve vehemently maintained that a Universe without a consciousness to appreciate the very wonder of Its existence in the first place is a waste of time and space, and I’m sure that the Code within the Seed of the Universe would think likewise if at the time of Its explosive birth, it had a consciousness to express its views. Never mind, if you cut open an acorn can you see the oak tree? Likewise, the Original Seed of All couldn’t be expected to give up its inherent secrets at the moment of birth. After all is said and done, it’s taken some fifteen billion years for me to now give It a voice and some practical purpose, rather than have it burning off matter in space for no reason whatsoever. And, believe me, when I say, on Its behalf – Its fruition still has some way to go before it achieves Conscious Perfection and reverts to becoming another Original Seed.

Yes, I dare to prophecy that eventually this Universe will cease Its expansionist evolutionary programme and collapse back on itself in what could be termed a ‘Big Crunch’. Gravity is a fact of Cosmic Sod’s Law that even the Original Seed and Its Inherent Code cannot do without. For, without it, the Universal Seed would never survive, let alone thrive, and be capable of progressing from one Universal Adventure to another. It’s the Grim Reaper of the Universe – But, it does ensure that our Universe can revert to being a Seed, and in so doing start Its ever-cyclic nature ad infinitum, taking all our living conscious experiences with it as part and parcel of Its Inherent Code. Therefore, don’t deny the Original Seed’s Unique Ability that dwells within us, and repeat as you gaze into a mirror to behold the emergent God – In an environment ever-cyclic by nature, nothing can ever end……. Amen!

There may have been many ‘Big Bangs’ in the past, or just the last. But, I’m sure there’ll be more to come in the future; the mind boggles at the idea. Though, even I as a well-versed practicing Cosmogonologist can’t imagine how the very first Seed ever came into being. I still wonder how No-thing begets Some-thing in No-where – So, the Ultimate Mystery of the Universe remains sacrosanct!


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