Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Embodiment of Nature's Deity - The Case for Brian's Cosmogony

Being a psychically inspired Cosmic, I realize that I’m the closest I’ll get this life round to becoming the Animate God that’s still evolving out of nature to dwell in a state of conscious perfection. I can’t say I’m really euphoric with my progress in this incarnation; it still leaves much to be desired; and so presumably does that of all my karmic predecessors; but I’ll carry on doing the best I can with my lot in an effort to blaze a cosmicated trail to what must surely become a life-after-life harmonious future. For, in spite of all other shortcomings, I was endowed with an advanced awareness that laid bear the code contained within the cosmic seed. Yes, folks, I’m fast heading towards its fruition, a perfect state of consciousness, no less; as I came to accept that I’m important to its evolution path by virtue of my birth, and in due course I’ll be part and parcel of this Animate God. Does this make me unique? Of course not! Anyone reading this can join me: just by embodying the idea of being an embryonic deity in one’s own right, thereby becoming a confirmed Cosmic like myself: acting the part to the very best of one’s inborn ability, without fear or favour: and living a revitalized life full of optimism for the future. Inevitably, however, there’ll be those skeptics who’ll decry your newfound completeness; never mind, they’ll have chosen a more difficult path to the same future. They have to be pitied; since, as I’ve stated before, old habits die hard.

Okay, this article is yet another solution to the same old conundrum: What is the purpose of life in the evolutionary progress of the universe? But, more importantly perhaps, what can I yet do to shock my peers into believing in themselves as important to this evolution, and instigate a thought-mode within them that will lead to a more rational spiritual belief for the whole of mankind. Yes, to me, everything I say, do and write is this important – My life is my work and my work is my life! However, you might well ask, how can such a radical cosmogony ever be made to take root and propagate? My answer - Only by keep on propounding the following logical case for it:

Every living entity carries within it the deity of nature, as this is the only deity that can exist, if you really want to believe in any form of deity within the seed of universal creation that has finally made your own conscious existence possible. You can know this embodiment as God, if you like. But I prefer to know it as the Ultimate Force, making its way from explosive genesis to consummated, living existence, before reverting to become its former inanimate self, yet still capable of creating yet another cosmic wonderland. Believing this to be the truth, I therefore live a life of hope in a universe with a purpose. And there can be nothing wrong with this mode of thought – It’s both logical and benign!

Needless to say, however, my radical cosmogony is at serious odds with most of the existing major religions and philosophies that beset the troubled world of today; a world that’s held hostage to its fragmented past with disastrous consequences. Therefore, my optimism will be suppressed for as long as possible by all those with strong vested interests in the status quo of entrenched and ill-informed ideologies that are desperately in need of modernization. What was considered to be the be-all-and-end all of spiritual enlightenment thousands of years ago when little was known of the basic science of the universe can hardly reign supreme for much longer into the future. There has to be a major shift in thought-modes, now that our planetary home has de facto become a global village due to the advent of advanced technology. But, I see very little effort on the part of powerful leaders to set the ball rolling in this direction. I will therefore continue with my water-on-the-stone campaign until my efforts do attract some serious attention, and hopefully rattle a few cages of the mentally restrained.

So far to further these efforts, I have published my quartet of books under the seemingly cryptic title of ‘On the Square plus One’. This is not just to elevate the awareness of the Freemasonry fraternity, but also to blaze a symbolic formula for the progression of cosmic intelligence. It’s the ‘E equals mc squared’ of the metaphysical world. And the content of this scripture for the so-called New Age does nothing to encourage future spiritual belief down the line of Judaic, Christian and Islamic thinking. Since, when you feel obligated to disseminate a psychically-inspired philosophy that entails life-after-life progression towards a state of conscious perfection, also endorsed by the spiritual influence of Jesus, you can hardly expect to further the old God-in-the-Sky notions of the past. So, there I face a major problem, with the real possibility of a terminal solution being aimed in my direction; never mind, the course of radical change is never smooth; and I’ve already faced, in my own mind, the daunting prospect of such a terminal solution when I was psychically cosmicated back in 1980.

Here in Sri Lanka, however, where I’ve now established a base to further my radical mission, I suppose my cosmogony will not cause too many ripples. The country has a predominately Buddhist flavour, and the idea of life-after-life existence is nothing new to the population. However, it isn’t one that’s really sought after. The teaching is such that it proclaims all life to be suffering, and the prospect of rebirth is to be avoided at all costs by achieving a state of nirvana – avoidance of rebirth! Now, this to me and my psychic mentor, the Ultimate Force, would be a kiss of death to all we stand for, if true. So, I suppose I can expect cries of outrage when it becomes known that I seek to infuse a spirit of conscious living hope into a pessimistic and somewhat impractical ideology that’s held sway for some 2,500 years. But, even in this endeavour, I found I wasn’t entirely alone. Many years ago, Sri Aurobindo, far more celebrated than I, expressed his discontent with the Eastern concept of nirvana. He sought to embody god in everyday life, not seek to escape the world via nirvana. Like me, he could see the necessity for a change in thought-patterns whereby all humans believed in the spiritualization of the natural world including their own existence. But, unlike me, he couldn’t really see the deity of nature within himself; God was still an outside entity.

So, how can I gain endorsement and further the cause of my own ‘life-after-life-deity-within’ philosophy, I many times had to ask myself? And, then, out of the blue, so to speak, endorsement eventually came from the most unlikely source of all – Lord Buddha himself! A newspaper article prophetically came to my notice, propounding ‘The Concept of Impermanence explained through Buddhism’, most of which I found hard-going in the extreme. But, there, in words, which were far more understandable to me, written by an expert on the subject, quite obviously well-versed in the edicts of the so-called Enlightened One, it stated: ‘In the absence of god, who is transcendental, there cannot be a saviour who is capable of saving others. In this sense the world is essentially helpless and protectorless, and this insight has been articulated by the statement ‘attano loko anabhissaro’. If human beings do not have an overlord who is capable of taking care of them, one has to take care of oneself. This idea is expressed by the well-known statement ‘atta hi attano natho’: one is one’s own god. By denying the existence of god who can function as the saviour Buddhism attributes a great responsibility on human beings. They themselves have to look after their liberation from suffering. The Buddha cannot function as a saviour. You yourself must do the work; the Buddhas are only the pointers of the path.’
Therefore, there’s already in existence a life-after-life well-established philosophy, whereby one is one’s own god. Excellent, I feel that in many ways this gives very much more authenticity to the Cosmos Club concept of human significance. There are millions of people who, if they are true Buddhists, at least accept the same fundamental principles: they believe in rebirth; and they are all gods in their own right, endowed with the deity of nature, for there is none other. There’s only one major difference between their thinking and mine: In looking after their liberation from suffering, they’re advised to aim for an opt-out-of-life pessimistic, consciousless route into the future, and I’m promoting a positive, optimistic conscious one. I know life’s full of suffering, and it was no doubt more so 2,500 years ago, but conscious existence is the only thing that gives any evolutionary meaning to the universe. Without it, what purpose does the universe serve? Therefore, if I can only convince Buddhism that we’re all de facto heading for a perfect state of consciousness; and there’ll eventually be an Animate God to serve the needs of the world by eliminating all this suffering, apart from that inflicted by Sod’s Law, then the Cosmos Club will have performed a very valuable service for humanity. Buddhism, having a bright new image of hope, could be the precursor of my sought-after scientifically-orientated Unisex Pantheon of Common Sense that the world now so desperately needs. But, without change, it’s certain to fade into extinction, together with all the other religious beliefs and philosophies of old. Believe me – I could be yet another Buddha!

Accepting the embodiment of nature’s deity and its aim, I will continue to do my utmost to ensure that its spiritual presence in us all is made known and flourishes in the future; and that the Ultimate Force, born out of the seed of the universe, comes to fruition in the form of conscious perfection as soon as possible. But, if I fail, I’m sure nature will do the job for me – It hasn’t been known to fail yet! I’m just giving it all the help I can. How’s about you?

I rest my case.


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