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Radical Reflections of Brian, the Lambeth Pilgrim

Here in Sri Lanka, I have followed with concern articles on the subject of so-called unethical religious conversions. For, regardless of any alleged material incentives dispensed to effect such conversions, I have to ask what big difference these conversions can make in a spiritual sense, when the whole spectrum of spiritual dogmatism in today's perilous world is in dire need of a radical rethink.

Being a Cosmic, I have to say that converting from one traditional religious belief to another is like a lemming leaping from a frying pan into the fire – It just doesn't make sense! In today's zealously guarded and spiritually diverse world that begrudges freedom of thought, and doesn't want to acknowledge the existence of the Inherent Deity in us all, what can it matter who converts whom to what? A far better idea would be for humans to willingly become Cosmics, abandon existing beliefs, and accept the undeniable fact that we are all making the same journey along Mother Nature's evolutionary path to the future.

In my previous articles, aired under titles ‘Am I alone?’, ‘Look in the Mirror and see God’, and ‘Let's Get Back to Basics' I have stated what I believe to be a far more rational conversion; away from the blinkered, personalized and fragmented thought-patterns of old; and into a more comprehensive, open-minded and scientifically-orientated thought-pattern realm of the future. A dramatic move, as I discovered, when I was first initiated as a Cosmic, and became founder member of what I now call the Cosmos Club; which really is nothing more frightening than a non-contributory philosophical society.

But, let me reflect on how this radical but more rational conversion has coloured my existence, and transformed me from Brian, a comparative non-entity, into Brian, the Lambeth Pilgrim, with a serious cosmic mission to fulfill. Therefore, to reiterate: Whatever anyone might say to the contrary, I hereby declare: We are all ruled by the Cosmos and I am a confirmed Cosmic.

Logically, how can there be any other ruler? If our sun exploded tomorrow, who would be left around the day after to argue the point? Or, if a gigantic rogue asteroid came on collision course, as it probably did when the dinosaurs were temporary masters of our fragile planet, and we humans were obliterated overnight, it would be some considerable time before another species with a modicum of intelligence evolved, and began examining our fossilized remains. The Cosmos knows no sentiment, has no respect for reputations and no compassionate god to control its inherent nature. It really is a matter of Sod's Law, rather than God’s.

Does this thinking make me an atheist? Certainly not! I don't live without hope in a Cosmos without a purpose. I believe in a far more comprehensible Cosmic Trinity, born of the universal seed: Namely the Ultimate Force, the Leading Light and the Guiding Power. This symbolic Scientific Trinity supersedes all existing personalized and/or nebulous entities currently worshipped by man. And I profess to be its latter-day prophet. Make no mistake: this Scientific Trinity is part of me, as it is you. Nevertheless, there are those who would still want to classify me as a heretic and a serious threat to the future of the status quo. Why? Answer – Entrenched protectionism!

I suppose I could be called a proselyte, if a baptismal certificate obtained from a Lambethian Protestant vicar carries any weight. Incidentally, Lambeth is a Borough of London, England for the sake of the uninformed. However, proselyte would be a misnomer, since neither my family nor I paid any heed to the sacrosanct voice of the Church. The Church was only there to pay lip-service to hatches, matches and despatches, as the cockney-orientated patter of the diocese went. I was therefore to all intents and purposes more of an atheist before I became a confirmed cosmic than after.

Psychically cosmicated in 1980, I'm now proud to call myself the Lambeth Pilgrim, tasked by this Scientific Trinity to further the activities of what is called the Cosmos Club. And I guess I give far more thought to the purpose of our universe and man's place in it than most traditional thinkers, whether they are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists. Pardon me, if I've forgotten the sect of your upbringing, but how many of you believe that mankind is progressing life-after-life-after-life towards a state of conscious perfection, and will finally end up in the form of the Animate God? Not many of you, I venture to say.

You think I'm crazy? Then think again. Because I'm certain that if any one of you had been subjected to the psychic brainwashing I experienced over a four-day period, without sleep, when I was initiated into the Cosmos Club by the psychic Master of the Universe itself, you'd also believe what has been expressed above.

Never mind, the awesome deed is related in my whimsical scripture for the so-called New Age, entitled ‘On the Square plus One’. So, I won't bother you with further detail in this particular expose. What I will say, however, is that after completing this four-part package, I researched other sources to see if there had been any other ‘crazy' thinkers like myself in the past. I'm pleased to say that I found that at least two others had dared to challenge the status of the established Church with similar, albeit not conclusive, ideas. And they'd been severely castigated for their efforts. Therefore, what challenges do I face when my even-more-radical thoughts become public knowledge? My mind boggles, but my mission has to continue, if mankind is ever to claw its way out of the morass in which it presently finds itself as a result of the conflicting customs and ideas that hold all human beings as hostages to the past.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a theologian, philosopher, and paleontologist, presently much better known than myself, came to the church-shaking conclusion, more than fifty years ago, that the universe had its very own evolutionary history, and that an increasingly complex consciousness is an integral part of the evolution – Very profound thinking for an ordained Jesuit, but definitely bad news for the Church. Thought for the day: Look in the mirror and see God; you're part of this evolution. He went on to theorize that the universe had evolved in four phases – Galactic, Earth, Life, and Human! Good lad – What more logical scientific progress could the code within the seed of the universe have followed? But, what was the future of humans? In its human form, evolution had become conscious of itself. Another thought for the day: What is the purpose of a Universe without Consciousness? It might just as well not exist. He finally took his thinking one step further into visionary thought. The destiny of human consciousness, via the ultra-human, a process already underway, was to converge with Christ, the omega point, at which time it would find its ultimate integrity and unity. Therefore, one final thought for the day: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was ‘On the Square plus One' without realizing it – An Animate God was on the Cosmic Cards ….. So, please look in the mirror again – You're on the way!

As might be expected, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's visionary thoughts went with him to the grave, but his writings, published posthumously, live on. And I realize full well that my own far more radical psychically inspired concepts will suffer the same fate; for, as Sir Arthur C. Clarke stated, during an interview on Sri Lankan television – Religion was invented by the devil to prevent the masses from understanding the true nature of god. I don't believe in his devil, but I fully understand his sentiments.

Regardless of entrenched opposition, we will all progress life-after-life-after-life towards this omega point. There's nothing that can prevent the cosmic seed burgeoning from its explosive birth to its consummated fruition – Namely, a state of conscious perfection. I repeat – The Cosmos Rules!

But, let's not end there. Let's continue on the path of sordid entrenched protectionism, Church-style. Mathew Fox, a Dominican priest, was silenced temporarily by the Vatican in 1988 as a result of his unorthodox views. He dared to suggest that Christianity needed to modify its dogmatic, misguided dogma, if it wished to survive into the third millennium. He wasn't wrong: Even Jesus, its founder, seemingly crying out in the spiritual wilderness of the mind at large told me this psychically in 1980. His contention was that Christianity was already moribund and couldn't survive into the future in its traditional form. The original, cosmic mystification of Christ had been suppressed by a patristic, moralistic, anthropocentric framework that had wreaked severe psychic damage by alienating human beings from the Cosmos, the planet, and each other. This induced alienation had manifested itself in misogyny, child and sex abuse; drug, alcohol and entertainment addiction; gross materialism; and perhaps most of all the matricide of Mother Earth. Oh, boy – Read all about it in ‘On the Square plus One’.

In his 1988 book, ‘The Coming of the Cosmic Christ' , Mathew Fox articulates his concept of a Cosmic Christ , as opposed to historical Jesus ; and the Church ought to turn from its preoccupation with historical Jesus and begin a quest for the Cosmic Christ. But, this could not be achieved without a new living cosmology, embracing a ‘Holy Trinity of Science (knowledge of creation), mysticism (experimental union with creation and its unnamable mysteries), and art (expression of our awe at creation)’. Well, folks, I'd already taken all this on board in 1980, and I've got the tee-shirt to prove it. Care to join me as a member of the Cosmos Club?
Well done, Mathew Fox. As a priest, undoubtedly first indoctrinated by the Church, presumably long before you were able to think for yourself, you did well to remove the blinkers and enter the realm of freethinkers. If you're still around, I'd be happy to entertain you in Sri Lanka at the Cosmos Club.

Let me conclude these reflections with a reference to the ‘World Charter for Nature’, drawn up by the United Nations General Assembly in 1982. Yes, it was certainly all happening in the Eighties, when the possibility of planetary destruction was a proven fact and a vivid danger. It includes these basic truths: Mankind is part of nature and life depends on the uninterrupted functioning of natural systems, which ensure the supply of energy and nutrients. Civilization is rooted in nature, which has shaped human culture and influenced all artistic and scientific achievement, and living in harmony with nature gives man the best opportunities for the development of his creativity, and for rest and recreation.

Therefore, when are the most powerful world leaders in thought and deed going to put their hypocritical acts together and get to grips with the real problems of this world? All else is like cutting off the tip of an iceberg. Alas, the constitution of the Cosmos Club shows the way, but who in power is interested in reading it?

Dream on Lambeth Pilgrim – Perhaps your next life will provide the answer!


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