Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let's Get Back To Basics

I thought it worthwhile copying to this site my letter of support for another that recently appeared in the local Sri Lankan press; since by far the biggest problem facing peaceful co-existence in the world today is not one that’s exclusive to the war torn island of Sri Lanka - It’s global!

My letter read:

John David’s letter concerning the stupidity of ethnicity has prompted me to let him know he is not alone in coming to this conclusion. Ethnicity, masking the divide-and-rule power game, is, and always has been, the scourge of mankind; an insidious deterrent to peaceful co-existence. But, who in power is yet ready to stand up, be counted, and say so? Nobody really comes to mind. Sadly, there are far too many feathered nests to be found by pandering to the dreaded status quo. So, it has to be those like the John David’s and I who have to speak out and demand much needed radical changes for the betterment of our species.

In a previously published letter to your newspaper I declared I now consider myself to be a Cosmic, as without fear of argument we all are; and I promote a scientifically-orientated cosmogony to encourage others to think likewise. Needless to say, in a transitional world still shrouded in ignorance, most clad in the stifling motley of their diverse ethnicities think I’m crazy. But, to me, the truly crazy ones in the great game of life are those who allow others to control their minds from birth to the grave. Each and every one of us is born a Cosmic, but traditional thought pollution is ethnically force fed into our newly acquired brains from birth. And before we know where we are, we’ve been labeled like Heinz 57 varieties – You’re Christian; you’re Moslem; you’re Hindu; you’re Buddhist; you’re Jewish; you’re this that or the other; but never do you remain a Cosmic Earthling. Result – Enduring misery and conflict on Earth!

Having been freed from the firm grip of traditional misguided divide-and-rule mind control the hard way (psychically, over four days and nights without sleep in 1980) I now offer a far easier way for others to do likewise. And this is the predominant purpose of my Cosmos Club. Pay me a visit sometime, preferably as a free-thinker or wanting to become one.


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