Saturday, May 24, 2008

Am I Alone

It’s little use operating a blog like this if silence is the only reaction to it. So, to get things on a thread, so to speak, I’ll try to open up a line of contentious debate. The following is a letter that I recently had aired in the Sri Lankan national press. Its content, however, could easily apply to every country in the world. Yet, there isn’t one world leader with the awareness and courage to acknowledge this truth and get to grips with the problem. Am I alone in my quest to unify the mind of man and create a world fit to dwell in? I hope not; for the sake of our futures.

The letter read:

Discover the Cosmic Path to the Future.

Conventionally, I am a British Subject, married to a Sri Lankan Subject, having dwelt in this country for the past four years. But, on a more profound level of thinking, I consider myself to be a Cosmic, born of the Universe, as without fear of contradiction we all are. And nowadays I bear no commercial, political or spiritual affinity to any organization existing in the perilous world of today; a world that is held firmly hostage to its ethnically fragmented past, with disastrous consequences for all peace-loving people, desperately trying to find salvation within the on-going morass of archaic thought-patterns still monotonously propounded by the world’s most powerful voices. Divide and rule is still the degenerate name of their sectarian power game, not that of Unite the People, and stand by its enlightened example.

I suppose I’ve been lucky enough to find my own salvation within this near moribund system, whereby I’m at least able to have peace of mind and live happily with hope in a Universe with a definite purpose; because a spiritual voice in my head made more sense than the temporal voices that had tried to dominate my mind from the time I became of an age to listen to their words. However, it seems that most others haven’t been so fortunate in escaping from this tenacious grip of traditionalism; and this is why I’m now endeavouring to engender a more eclectic, freethinking thought-pattern into the minds of those with whom I have contact – Hence, the existence of my own Cosmos Club and this letter to you.

Most days I read the letters and articles in your paper, in the main written by those who have an axe to grind in respect of some topical issue, and generally relative to politics or spirituality. And, each is coloured by a strong bias in favour of the writer’s ingrained ethnic and/or spiritual upbringing. Far from easing the existing ills facing the country, they add highly inflammatory fuel to the debate, without offering any feasible idea of how to resolve such ills. Without doubt, politics and spirituality, allied to nationalism, have always been the breeding ground for hatred and contempt, and in spite of all the fine rhetoric to the contrary, made by those with vested interests within the status quo of the existing mosaic of conflicting customs and beliefs, it has to be said that any solution arrived at in solving these ills will only be like chipping away at the tip of a multi-cultural iceberg; its rock-solid dogmatic mix at foundation level will continue to remain a deterrent to lasting peace until a far more mono-cultural thaw sets in throughout the world to liquidate it.

Old habits die hard. I know. It took four days and nights without sleep for me to be cleansed psychically of all previous nationalistic and spiritual bias. This is why I now consider myself a Cosmic, and respectfully ask others to think beyond their hidebound ethnic backgrounds and trace their own roots back to the Original Seed of all, the Creation of the Universe, an ever-cyclic energy source for the evolution of Intelligence from humble inanimate genesis to its ultimate animate fruition in this domain of its galactic realm: a state of Conscious Perfection in the Supermind of a community of Earthlings, dwelling without fear or favour in a United States of the World, governed by a Rainbow Parliament, and spiritually influenced by a scientifically-orientated Unisex Pantheon of Common Sense.

Sounds like a pipedream, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, a transition in thought-patterns is already well underway, and who knows what I might discover as I evolve life after life down the cosmic path to the future. Anyone care to join me?

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka

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