Monday, May 26, 2008

Look In The Mirror And See God

No reaction to my last article - So, let me once again try to ripple the stagnant backwaters of the status quo.

It is pitiful that most of mankind is still hostage to the impractical belief that God, in a perfect form, exists in some nebulous realm; there, in this sublimely detached and omnipotent state for the greater good of mankind. Having already declared myself to be a Cosmic, I for one believe no such thing.

Having discovered the Cosmic Path to the future myself, I encourage others to do likewise. It is so spiritually rewarding to learn that, far from being atheistic in your view of Creation, you have a life-after-life part to play in its evolutionary progression towards a perfect state of consciousness, the fruition of the Cosmic Seed, no less; as you are de facto an embryonic Animate God. Yes, the Supreme Force is still maturing within us all; and, as yet, a long way from being in a position to exert a controlling influence over the destructive forces of Mother Nature. So, don’t ever expect a phantom God, in some nowhere realm, to come to the aid of the party, curtailing earthquakes and other natural disasters, and be looking down benevolently on mankind – Nature still rules and knows no sentiment! Rather: Look in the mirror and see God: decide what sort of Supreme Force you’d like to become in the future: start acting the part to the best of your ability: and promote ways to ensure our fragile and ethnically-fragmented planet estate becomes a far safer place upon which to live and thrive.

Humankind has within itself the mental ability to fend off the destructive forces of nature, which will forever prevail. We’ve also developed advanced technology to assist in this respect, even down to a means of destroying any rogue asteroid that might once again be on collision course with our planet. Therefore, let us use these proven realities to the best advantage in a revitalized world without trying to blame an ethereal deity that doesn’t even exist for our own failure to perform.

I repeat: Look in the mirror and see God; it’s a good way to learn the truth about your evolving, ever-cyclic cosmic existence.


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