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Cayce Misjudged? (Cayce Justified!) – According to Brian!

Something has been bothering me for years, now; hence, the reason for this article. So, fellow travellers, please bear with me, until I rid my mind of what I feel to have been a grave injustice both to me and Edgar Cayce. Again, to air this concern, I now only have to repeat an extract from the fourth part of my whimsical quartet ‘On the Square plus One’, ‘Dream to Reality’. With all that has, without question, been my mystically-inspired existence for, at least, the last thirty-odd years, I think you’ll understand why I still believe that the Association of Research and Enlightenment’s apathy towards my overtures ought to be questioned. The extract follows:


Rainbow Man Ray banked the Chariot of Fire, drew on the reins, and within seconds had the spectral team stop treading air. We were thus rendered stationary and advised by the wonder-light to look down. Far below, but crystal clear and bathed in late afternoon sunlight, a time-honoured sight greeted our eyes. We were directly over the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx – the sprawling metropolis of a modern Cairo, lying in stark contrast to their ancient splendour, away to our port stern.  
                "Ooh, look at those!" Rani cried out excitedly, wriggling her bottom in her seat and urgently pointing down, "I’ve seen pictures of them and heard about them, but I never thought I’d see them with my own eyes."
                "Rani, when in a lucid dream-state anything is possible," the wonder-light explained. "…You’re able to astral-plane to anywhere you wish, or do whatever you desire, once you’ve learnt the art. And you don’t have to answer to anyone else. It’s your very own subconscious link to the fourth dimension of your existence and the access to Universal freedom – free of charge, and there just for the taking.
                Rani gazed quizzically at Rainbow Man Ray. "Lucid dream-state? Astral-plane? Fourth dimension? I don’t understand any of these things."
                "Never mind, Rani, you soon will, once you’ve been to Rainbow Land and been initiated into the Junior Section of the Cosmos Club.
                "That’s right, isn’t it, Sir?"
                Brian was shaken out of his reverie. "Yes, yes, of course!" my host murmured dutifully. It was a token response, though.
                I could sense that Brian’s thoughts were well entrenched, back in the past, dwelling vividly upon his own strange psychic initiation into the revered ranks of the Cosmos Club. For, in 1980, during his cosmically ordained pilgrimage back to the cradle of mankind in Africa, as part and parcel of this initiation, and whilst his plane was banking over – and he was compulsively gazing down at – these self-same antiquities, they had given up their well-kept ancient secret to him – the enigmatic number sequence that eventually led him to formulate the symbolic equation for the progression of Cosmic Intelligence, the inherent Code contained within the Universal Seed, had been infused into his brain. And this symbolic equation can be considered as important, if not far more important, than Einstein’s own symbolic Energy equation. It must help to bridge the enormous gulf that still exists between modern science and old-style religion. And yet people can still scoff at it, either not understanding or, perhaps more to the point, not wanting to understand its fundamental and profound meaning. Who the hell is this Brian, they probably ask? The man must be a complete and utter nut case trying to spawn such an outrageous idea, they might well add. However, just like the frog at the bottom of the well that does not even want to know what a tree looks like, such sceptical critics are the kiss of death to the progress of consciousness towards a perfect state. Therefore, rather than to be pitied for their ignorance, they deserve to be castigated for it. But, who in power will dare to promote the revelations of Brian, and take the sceptics to task, I have to ask? For the time being, nobody readily comes to mind.
                "Brings back some pretty powerful memories, eh, Sir?" Rainbow Man Ray continued. "And you’ve tried so hard to get their psychic message across. But, here we are, still trying, and with no doubt a long way to go before there’ll be any chance of success."
                "How right you are," Brian replied, expressing a loud sigh. "You know, it’s quite incredible how even the people and organisations that tread almost the same psychic path towards enlightenment as ourselves choose to dismiss my heartfelt overtures to them as being of no consequence at all. It’s so infuriating to be treated like some kind of scheming usurper who’s trying to con his way into the sacrosanct precincts of their very own self-importance.
                "I shall never forget the time…"
                Before Brian was able to elaborate, however, Rainbow Man Ray decided to cut what might well have developed into an explosive diatribe short.
                "I know exactly how you feel, Sir!" interrupted the wonder-light; because, as you know, we don’t miss a thing in Rainbow Land. But, let me tell the sorry tale for you, Sir… There’s a very good reason for this. And you, if you don’t mind my saying so, do seem to be bit hot under the collar at the moment."
                "…You can read my mind?" Brian asked, never doubting the answer.
                "Of course I can, Sir – anything’s possible in Rainbow Land. You must have learnt this fact of four-dimensional life by now."
                Brian did not reply. He just gave a polite nod of resignation.
                "Thank you, Sir… Now, Byron, this low-down is for your benefit, and best related at this strategic point of our astral mission of mercy."
                I felt honoured that Rainbow Man Ray should take my future role as author into consideration. Useful snippets of information, presented in the right context, were priceless. Little did I know, though, how important and overwhelming one of these particular snippets was to be. And I was to be the one who’d be obliged to make it common knowledge.
                "It was like this, Byron…
                "Brian decided it would be a good idea to make a powerful overture to the Association of Research and Enlightenment, the foundation created by Edgar Cayce, the so-called Prophets’ Prophet. He wanted to let them know just how uncannily accurate their own founder’s prophecies – relating to the Great Pyramid, and made more than fifty years before – had been when his own psychic experiences of 1980 were taken into serious consideration.
                "He therefore sent them a detailed statement of the facts, together with a brief synopsis of your trilogy, hoping they would see the merit in publishing it – partly to endorse the prophecies of their founder and of course to create a larger readership for your new whimsical bible.
                "Alas, true to form, Brian’s cosmically inspired seeds of wisdom once again fell upon stony ground. He was told, quite politely, it has to be said, that he was obviously having a very interesting journey of his own, but the foundation only published books that covered the life and works of their founder. They were sorry, but this was their policy – seemingly cast in stone!
                "So, Byron, as far as Edgar Cayce’s foundation is presently concerned, the detailed predictions made by their founder, concerning the Great Pyramid, have not come true.
                "Do they care? It seems not! And it’s hard to understand why, even in Rainbow Land. "However, as far as we’re concerned, they have come true, and this should be recorded for posterity…
                "Edgar Cayce predicted in a state of trance that the Great Pyramid would give up its ancient secret in 1997. Brian was psychically acquainted with this secret in 1980, but it was not until seventeen years later, in 1997, as you were about to complete work on your new bible, and the threat of a Terminal Solution for mankind had passed, that this cosmic low-down was given to the Association of Research and Enlightenment.
                "He also claimed that the Great Pyramid served as a storage place for the whole of human history and prophecies up to the year 1998, all recorded in the basic languages of mathematics, geometry and astronomy. And that it was an initiation temple, where even Jesus was initiated during his missing years as a preparation for his public missionByron, is the number sequence, that finally led to the formula for Universal Intelligence, Y equals X squared plus One, psychically transmitted to Brian – during his own initiation into the Cosmos Club – not proof of this? Of course it is… And why should its history and prophecies end by the year 1998? Because from thereon, after the threat of a Terminal Solution for mankind had passed at the end of 1997 and your bible for the New Age of Enlightenment was finished, there was no further need for a covert store of information. The Secret of the Universal Seed, the spiritual blueprint for human progress, had passed into the public domain, by virtue of your trilogy having being published, albeit as a limited edition, at the beginning of 1998.
                "And, now, Byron, the final and most intriguing of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies – that in 1998 there would be a Second Coming of Jesus. How and in what form, it has to be asked? When Brian dictated the script of Brian and the Rainbow Men to you, did he not, having the full authority of the psychic voice that finalised his initiation into the Cosmos Club, state the following: there will be a Second Coming, but it will not quite be the one they expected. The battle of Armageddon has already been decided – inside Brian’s head – I think you will agree, it was safer there. We also know that reincarnation is the only form of continuity leading to the Animate God and the perfect state of consciousness. So, who do you think is now, in 1998, the reincarnation of Jesus? Before you give your answer, though, consider whom it was who first cried out for assistance, as a voice in Brian’s head"
                I was astounded by what the wonder-light was inferring, and so I believe was my host. Brian now sat with his head hanging – almost in shame, it seemed! – for never once had Brian thought of himself as being another Jesus. His character was so vastly different to that of the man who had been revered for two thousand years as the epitome of all that was pure in body, mind and soul. Or this is what generations of people since his life and times had been led to believe.
                "But you don’t mean what I think you mean?" I ventured to say, almost dreading the answer. "You can’t mean Brian?"
                "Why not?"
                Well, just think of the inevitable consequences. Isn’t it onerous and dangerous enough that he’s already being portrayed as a Cultural Hero aboard a Chariot of Fire, blazing a brand-new cosmic message, without the added burden of now being put forward as Jesus’ reincarnated spirit?"
                "I agree," interjected Brian, suddenly finding a voice. "Why me?"
                "It’s horses for courses, cosmic style, all over again, Brian," Rainbow Man Ray explained. "Who on Earth can you name who would be better suited to take on this role? With your cosmic track record and present mission to fulfil, a controversial character such as you is necessary to start the sort of spiritual course correction that your misled species so badly needs. Remember that Edgar Cayce also stated that with this Second Coming there would be cataclysmic Earth changes. This you can take to mean in the form of a social revolution. Because, let’s face it, Christianity itself, on a political and power game level, has only led to endless conflict and misery. Brian, you know as well as I do that this state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue unabated into an Age of Enlightenment."
                "So, I guess, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound," Brian retorted, rather reluctantly. "Byron, you’ve heard what Rainbow Man Ray has told us. I suppose we have to bow to its superior know-how, and have you record it all as stated." He then went on, as if trying to convince himself that all would in the long run be okay. But, his words were of pretty cold comfort – to me at least! "I suppose also that it won’t really matter about the blast of furore that will result as a consequence of this latest bombshell. At our abysmal rate of progress in getting any message broadcast – as Rainbow Man S’myth has already told us – we should have gone off on a new adventure long before the shit really hits the fan. And all the sceptics will then have is just a myth of our ever existing at all to vent their indignation on – we’ll be beyond caring!"
                "That’s the jolly old ticket, Sir," enthused the wonder-light, patting Brian on the back. "Be of good cheer.
                "And now I’ve got all that Great Pyramid stuff orf me chest let’s make ourselves scarce here and sling our ’ooks, at a leisurely pace, towards Israel. We’ve still got a bit of Earth-time to kill in order to catch Ahmed in the Land of Nod."


Enough said, I feel; except to repeat that when I read this now, the only thing I would change is everything relating to the word psychic and the like. Mystic would be far more appropriate. One must always live and learn by experience. Amen!

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka  

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