Monday, June 10, 2013

Ganesha Unmasked (Untrunked!) – According to Brian!

Serendipity is a wondrous thing! Yes, serendipity! One thing leads to another! Where an event or activity results in another that you have usually not planned! Well, thank goodness, my life has been forever blessed with them. This said, I would now like to relate how it has yet again revealed itself and led me to making yet another of my myth-busting pronouncements. Of late, of course, my mystically-inspired life had become centred on the eventual advent of an Ultimate Hermaphrodite Being on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun. In this respect, I thought I’d finished with the subject - But, I’d thought wrong! I’d obviously forgotten that some time ago, I’d likened Hinduism to the Ancient Egyptian concept of having a pantheon of gods; with one major One, and a multitude of demi-ones. When I’d acronymized my given name, I’d first synthesized it with Ancient Egyptian myth, but as a second thought I’d also synthesized it with Hindu myth; for good reason, it seems. I’d made it: ‘BRAHMA’: ‘REINCARNATION’: ‘I AM’: ‘ATMAN/AVATAR’: ‘NOW’: And then seemingly relegated the thought to history. But, this was not to be!   

At the time, apart from all I was doing trying to discover truth within falsehood, my domestic life had had to cope with the impending loss of whom I considered to be my greatest friend and supporter in Sri Lanka, my father-in-law. He’d more or less been pronounced terminally ill, and daily I was going to his bedside to try and afford him comfort. Buddhist by background, but more and more interested in the cosmogony I’d been advocating from the clubhouse of the Cosmos Coconut Club in our garden for the past thirteen years, he was always pleased to see me, despite the pain he was obviously suffering. On occasions, I’d even tried a hands-on healing process, but apart from all else I feel I am, I’ve never considered myself to be a physical healer. However, with my cosmogony, I certainly feel I am able to be a spiritual one. And, if I can achieve nothing else, I simply hope my life-after-life chats eventually pay dividends. I’ll say no more about this now, except that this sombre situation did provide the serendipitous background for the rest of this tale.

One day, I was telling my father-in-law about the Sphinx being the symbolic representation of the Ultimate Being, a Hermaphrodite. Coincidentally (Or was it?), the television which was still on, muted, suddenly beamed an advert, which had been shot at the site of the Sphinx. Strange, I thought! But, then, my father-in-law called for the help of his new live-in male helper: ‘GANESH’, filled the air in a loud, urgent tone. This immediately ran a bell in my mind: Ganesha was a pot-bellied Hindu god with an elephant head, supposedly representing the ‘unblocker’ of blockages and wisdom. When Ganesh had finished his task, I asked my father-in-law, ‘Is that his name?’ ‘Yes, he’s a Tamil,’ was the reply. ‘That’s quite amazing,’ I muttered, deep in thought, for another notion had entered my mind. ‘I now know why the Hindu God Ganesha has a pot-belly and an elephant face’, I added, smiling. ‘Why?’ my father-in-law asked. ‘Because It’s a symbol of the Ultimate Hermaphrodite Being in disguise!’ I beamed with delight. ‘And apart from those who introduced It in the first place, and probably a few well-placed male gurus, the rest of the Hindus haven’t got a clue. I think Ganesh can become a guru himself with your help’ ‘How can I do that?’ my father-in-law asked. My reply was concise. ‘By telling him in his own language about me, and what I’ve just told you. He’s then bound to tell others, and a water-on-the-stone process will be put in action. You could even become a celebrity!’  My father-in-law smiled weakly, and winced with a sudden pain. ‘I think I’ve left it a bit late to become a celebrity,’ he groaned. ‘Nothing is ever too late,’ I replied, gripping both his hands and willing them to be of healing assistance. ‘Always look on the bright side of life, rather than a gloomy Buddhist one. Life is all you’ll ever know, now, and forever more. I’m sure you and I will both end up part and parcel of the Ultimate Hermaphrodite Being on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun.’ ‘Okay. I’ll do my best,’ he sighed, before closing his eyes and lapsing into the peaceful realm of morphine-assisted sleep.   

And it was so! Amen! But, before I end, let GANESHA tell her/his own story in acronymic, Ancient Egyptian terms; I can’t be bothered to search for Hindu ones. I am myself very weary, because I’ve been writing since before dawn and it’s now nearly midday.

‘GOD’: ‘AMEN’: ‘NOW’: ‘EVERLASTING’: ‘SYMBOL’: ‘HAPI’: ‘AMEN’ – Perhaps now it’s been Untrunked, it’ll later be depicted with a HAPI, smiling, female face – Cheers, fellow travellers! 
Cosmically yours,

Brian, Cosmos Coconut Club, Sri Lanka

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