Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Earth Re-Cosmicated (De-Islanded!) – According to Brian!

Sounds a strange title, eh? Yes, but all I say and do must sound strange to all those who still conform to the specious edicts of what has become the spiritually-insulated and demonized world of today. Fellow travellers, it’s my illumined opinion that, due to political gerrymandering of every kind, perpetrated over thousands of years, the spiritual wavelength to our Universal Benefactor has been seriously impaired. Therefore, I feel, it’s high time we tried at all costs to become comprehensively reconnected; or, as I’d rather call it, re-cosmicated. Of course, it’s not only we humans who are completely out of kilter; so also is all else that constitutes Planet Earth in the System of the Sun. Sadly, systematically and unwittingly, It’s been transformed into a space-island, derelict and detached from its host. And this, to my Mystic Master, when I was cosmicated in 1980, was just not on! Hence, all I’m now trying to do, in order to correct this insidious situation. So, please, just hear me out!   
First, let me redefine the word, island. The mundane dictionary definition of island might read: A land-mass, smaller than a continent, and totally surrounded by water: Islands may occur in oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers. To be more universally-correct, my redefined cosmos-system-substitute would be: Any mass, smaller than its system, and totally surrounded by space, water, or artificial barrier: Islands may occur in space itself, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, or simply as a result of human protectionism. Okay, this is just being whimsically pedantic, but it does help me develop the article. It also serves to unite macrocosm, microcosm and nanocosm.

 Now, let me consider Island Earth: Created and designed with infinite, loving care, a balanced masterpiece of artistic and scientific perfection, strategically distanced and protected from its fiery, but essential host, the Sun, and ideal for a state of conscious perfection to evolve in the fullness of time. So, just what more could any emergent, conscious, grateful, and evolving beings have desired? I guess, nothing, if these emergent beings had been anything but insidiously manipulated and grossly misinformed human beings.

This said; let me now address the dire state of insular activity on Island Earth. As I described in Brian and the Rainbow Men: What an intolerable arrogance had now developed throughout the human species, as each isolated pocket of emancipated squalor endeavoured to inflict its own brand of partially en­lightened influence over the other. Everybody thought they knew best, especially those with the most power and the loudest voices. And even those who followed their misguided leaders out of conviction, fear, or just plain apathy were still ar­rogant enough to believe their actions were justified. What could be done when the blind were leading the blind? The evolution of the comprehensive intellectual faculty was being retarded by teachings that were archaic, were shrouded with contrived mystery, did little to quell primeval fear and misery, and withheld from the bulk of the emergent intelligence every indication – that had been given to it by the Guiding Power so many times over its long evolutionary period – of what the Universe and man's place in It was really all about.      

Well, nothing has yet changed. Human beings are still being cajoled into doing everything by perversive power groups ever trying to create ever more islands - Even within islands! Divide, rule, and finally enslave humanity is the devilish objective of the controlling elite’s manipulative, inhuman, ploy. Emanating from every form of barrier, natural or artificial, contrived or condoned, and all founded on false premise, humans have sadly become the sordid custodians of Island Earth; itself now a spiritual outcast in the otherwise balanced and evolutionary aspiration of Universal Intelligence.  Yes, fellow travellers: We are now a disgrace to Y= X squared plus One!  So, unless we can emancipate ourselves from this superimposed death-wish syndrome, and start to abide by an eternal-life-after-life-wish state of being, we could very soon find ourselves on the slippery slope to non-existence – Although, just by way of the slightest glimmer of hope, my Mystic Master, the Ultimate Force, my Higher Self, did intimate that I, and other members of Its Cosmos Club, would be granted special dispensation! Amen!

What to do? Well, first, in spite of all that’s said above, let’s try to rid ourselves of the mental image of the word, island. Universal Intelligence brooks no such insular terminology. Everything in the evolving Cosmos is necessary and interconnected; even though, seemingly, it may appear not to be. Totally balanced Unity is the intrinsic nature of Its very existence. It’s just human misconceptions that have introduced islands, areas of needless division, into IF’s otherwise balanced cosmic existence. Let’s just hold that certain things need to be detached from others for reasons of danger, protection and self-preservation, but without disrupting the efficacious nature of Cosmic Unity, either temporal or spiritual. Then, at least, a start would have been made on a route to re-cosmication. A big ask, I know; but essential if our conscious heritage is ever to be salvaged.

What, then, if the above could become viable? Well, in spite of all that humans might now but, alas, foolhardily, consider sacred or cast in stone forever, so to speak, there would have to be major physical changes effected over the whole surface of the then mentally re-cosmicated planet. Outdated, erroneous images would need to be replaced, or suitably adapted, to suit the new philosophy. One change immediately comes to mind: All ‘+’, cross-of-death- symbols, on church-spires and like would need to be changed for ‘x’, crosses-of-life-ones; with gargoyles, etcetera, of devils and demons erased: And I don’t think you have to be too mystic or psychic to dream up many other classic examples yourselves. It would be really mind-boggling. But, if we are to be completely re-cosmicated, it will just have to happen eventually! All Abrahamic bogus belief-systems will have to go: Reincarnation belief-systems will need to be adapted: And all would be replaced by a Cosmicated Communal ConceptA Science of the Whole! Yes, fellow travellers, yet another mystically-manipulated CCC acronym!              
May the Force be with us, in bringing about this much-needed and comprehensive upgrading of our wondrous planetary home. Amen!

Cosmos Coconut Club,
Sri Lanka


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