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Ancient Kemet will rise again! – According to Brian!

In amplification of the penultimate paragraph of my article Man Diffused (Defused) – According to Brian!, I feel it appropriate to republish an email I sent to a Tobago and Trinidadian some four years ago. It was, alas, never answered. It read:

Hi there,

I've only just found your website and the article in the T&T News - Very interesting! I've just posted the following comment on the blog there, which I hope will help to serve your cause. I was never physically initiated as a Mason on the Square, but being psychically-initiated onto the Square plus One certainly introduced me to a living state of nirvana. And if this works for me, it could surely work for others. I'd welcome comment back from you.
My comment read:

Message from a Kindred Spirit
Ancient Kemet will rise again! An interesting concept especially when related to my occult and psychic initiation into the Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops in 1980, whereby in a spontaneous and altered state of consciousness, I was spiritually cleansed over a four-day period without sleep, subjected to a symbolic pilgrimage back to the cradle of mankind in Africa, made privy to the evolving intelligence of the universe,   and perhaps more importantly made aware of the essential part that mankind is supposed to be playing in bringing this intelligence to a balanced state of conscious perfection – The fruition of the cosmic seed, no less! Well, Ancient Kemet most certainly rose in me; and as an important rider to my initiation I was tasked to record the experience and disseminate its edicts without getting persecuted in the process; since it would de facto cut across thousand of years of politicized, personalized and diversified religious and philosophical gerrymandering that seemed to have become almost cast in stone. Old habits, especially bad ones, die hard, and proponents of the ingrained divide-and-rule status quo are not likely to acquiesce to such radical edicts without invoking every diabolical means within their corrupted power to prevent them from usurping their otherwise specious authority. As was the case of the Kemet-initiated Jesus before me, it was not intended that I suffer a similar fate – Hence, the whimsical nature of my packaged quartet ‘On the Square plus One’. It would be impossible to describe all aspects of this edition as part of this message, but details about it and my ongoing effort to propound the message by a dripping on the stone technique are given in my websites, and All I’d like to add here is what I consider to be a concluding statement to this effort, which I hope will help to augment your own well-defined thoughts on the subject. It reads:

My Ongoing Mission – A Concluding Overview

After nearly thirty years of rigorous self-analysis, comprehensive religious, philosophical and psychical research, and the publication of copious associated literary works since my cosmication in 1980, I remain the unsung hero of my very own mythological quest to blaze a sensible trail through today's minefield of conventional and mostly outmoded thought and deed. Not surprising, I guess, when the message I was cosmically tasked to disseminate is generally at odds with five thousand years of conventional divide-and-rule, specious, politically-motivated and partisan beliefs that have infected today’s world with the almost incurable cancer of competitive cultures and rabid extremism. And let’s face it – Who but a few would willingly deign to heed and acknowledge the psychically-inspired Utopian vision and wisdom of an almost non-entity known as Brian, the Lambeth Pilgrim, and his symbolic Rainbow Men cosmic ambassadors? Nevertheless, I know full well that many folk talk a lot about me; but most choose not to talk to me; and I don’t have to be too psychic to understand why. Therefore, let me remain the unsung hero in the jaundiced eyes of a mainly deluded world, yet be happy in the knowledge that my Psychic Master’s most cogent resurrected message has been duly delivered and is slowly but surely being spread by bush telegraph. And this is the way the message was meant to be dispensed. ‘No more religions and no more martyrs, Brian’ was an important proviso relative to my extraordinary and very exacting introduction to the astral realm of the Psychic Master’s Cosmos Club.

That the Great Pyramid of Cheops was involved in putting me ‘On the Square plus One’ is beyond doubt, and all that has since happened to authenticate what was psychically fed into my mind in 1980 has now made me more and more convinced that I was then, over four days and nights without sleep, subjected to similar initiation process that would have been used to initiate far more spiritually-prepared adepts at the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops into firmly believing in life-everlasting and death as just an illusionary aspect of one’s eternal journey towards conscious perfection. However, because I was not more spiritually-prepared before my own ‘crash course’ initiation into such mysteries, I conclude that the severe mental trauma I suffered as a result of my initiation, and the fact that it then took me ten years to sensibly equate with it, was not really to be unexpected. Fortuitously, though, I survived to fulfill the cosmic task expected of me. And this done, I now intend to conclude my written and verbal overtures to the public with the following bold statement, which has also been posted at the Cosmos Coconut Club in Sri Lanka. This said there seems little more worth my adding in the future, as in illumined Kundalini circles I once again have to repeat that to those who understand no further explanation is necessary but to those who do not no further explanation is possible. The statement reads:


Psychically, I was initiated into the Egyptian Mystery School of Cheops in 1980 for it seems one reason – To impart spiritual wisdom and a reassurance of life-everlasting to all those who by self-experience within the sanctum of their own existence are desirous of heeding the message.

In this respect, explanation from the  website seems in order – The initiate system, prevailing in Egypt, was based upon one tremendous point, that the individual should learn factually, actually, and beyond question through personal experience that death is an illusion. Immortality is the summit of man’s problem. They had developed a science by which they could communicate the fact, example, and circumstance of death directly to another person. In other words, the initiates of the Mystery Schools were persons who had lived, died and been born again in this world.


The above statement as well as this article now concludes:


Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka 


When I read this now, the only thing I would change is everything relating to the word psychic and the like. Mystic would be far more appropriate. One must always live and learn by experience. Hotep! Amen!

Cosmos Coconut Club

Sri Lanka   

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