Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Route to Hemaphroditehood! – According to Brian!

Well, fellow travellers, after all I've previously written, I willingly accept that I am, whether I like it or not, on route to Hemaphroditehood – Even as I wrote the word, the ‘h’ mystically-transformed itself into an ‘H’, and this, to me, at least, was the sure sign that I was indeed on the right route! It informed me that Divinity was involved in the evolutionary process of my life and I was well on the way to Animate Godhood. But, this should be the cosmic-heredity of us all, fellow travellers. And, by all I write, do, and say: I’m only the mystically-inspired messenger of this Truth. Amen!    

For the sake of this article, I now feel it appropriate to rehash the second audio-vision-happening of my mystical initiation of 1980; as recorded in Brian and the Rainbow Men. This foretells of a life-after-life everlasting future, albeit not explicitly hermaphroditic. But, then, I still had much to take on board, so to speak, after the event, which was to serendipitously lead me to the Ultimate Truth. The extract now follows:


The voice, which had never been far away from the distraught Brian, broke this dreadful nightmare. However, its casual approach to the subject of death did little to allay his mounting fears:
       "I would have thought two deaths and two instant resurrections would have been enough to convince any sceptic of our powers – But, you still fear death... I have to convince you once and for all, therefore, that death does not exist – It’s a figment of mankind's imagination.
       "Right now, I will reduce your entire family to this imagined state, and when you’re again living, you’ll witness the ultimate act of relief which defies human control."
       With that, Brian and his family were killed.
       After some time, Brian couldn't say how long, his consciousness returned. It was accompanied by his second vision – complete with sound track – that unfolded before his startled gaze.
       For a moment Brian couldn't make out if he was actually living or not. He was aware that he was lying in a cheerless world that was dark and damp. Whether it was his accustomed one, or some other, he was not sure. But, before him, an enormous ‘Book of Life’ opened its pages to his eyes. The turning pages were depictions of living scenes, something like a storyboard for a cartoon movie. Each one showed a different scene from the many lives of Brian, and the voice explained very slowly: "The pictures show your continuous life-after-life record, and the thickness of the pages represents death... Therefore, in living terms, death does not exist; it is timeless... So, why should you worry?
       "Take your family with my blessing, and make the pilgrimage... Everything for your future has been arranged!"
       As the vision faded away, Brian groped around in the darkness to see whether his wife was still there: And, if so, whether she was still alive. He shook her gently, and she shuddered. Satisfied that all was well, he then woke her fully, declaring in a startled voice: "Do you know, I think I've just piddled the bed!" He gave her no reason why, just sheepishly awaited her reaction.
       Putting on the bedside light, she looked at Brian in fright, just as though he were a ghost. "I just had a strange nightmare," she said, looking confused. "I was informed we were all dead!" She surveyed the room, orientating herself to her surroundings. And then, seized with panic, she leapt out of bed and peered into the baby's cot. Instantly relieved to see the baby still breathing, she looked across at Brian, and gasped in a bewildered voice: "Can you believe it? I've wet the bed as well!" And, with this admission, Brian’s wife thoughtfully viewed the evidence of this incredible double act of relief.
       "I can believe anything, now!" Brian stammered with total honesty. "I suppose I don't have to ask if the baby has copied his parents or not – he does it all the time, without even dying."
       And this indeed was so.


So, fellow travellers, why has this cosmic-heredity-background not become more apparent before? Because, Poor Souls, you have been systematically and insidiously distanced from this Ultimate Truth by all religious powers, still extant, that were: RPSETW – Anagram: TWERPS!

 Please! I’m only the messenger! Don’t have me DRONED! Amen!

Cosmically yours,

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka

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