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Man Diffused (Defused!) – According to Brian!

As a revelationary and perhaps revolutionary sequel, I believe this article should well serve to augment the diabolical perversion of the truth that is exposed in my earlier article, Jesus’ Demise – According to Brian! Both trace their insidious roots back to Ancient Egypt, where it has just been brought to my mystically-inspired notice that the truth was strategically hidden to satiate the self-centred ‘Pharaohdom’ of the chosen few; while grandiose symbolism, hieroglyph and acronym served to fool the masses.

I should have come to realize this much earlier, due to the first vision and monologue of the Ultimate Force I received during my mystical initiation of 1980, but so many other things arose to occupy my mind. For the sake of this article, I feel it now appropriate to repeat what was said about this in my story of the happening in Brian and the Rainbow Men.  It follows:


The picture of a traditional Nativity Scene unfolded radiantly, as though on a screen before his eyes. It was uncanny, and Brian was thrown into greater panic. But, then, he noticed there was something strangely different about the characterization: his infant son was the baby Jesus: his wife, Mary: and he, himself, the unassuming Joseph.
             After the scene had been allowed to register clearly in his mind, the voice, which had been silent since relating the news of the Last Supper, suddenly became a peevishly and informative, yet highly disorientating, narrator:
             "I am aggrieved at your thinking my revelations are designed to delude you... You must banish all feelings of doubt and guilt; free yourself from the past... I have told you already, quite clearly – you must live to save humanity. So, why do you still worry about death? Don't you have any faith in me, even now?
             "Now, Brian, what you see in pictorial form is a traditional scene... But, don't be frightened to see yourself in the leading role... Yes, that's right, the leading role! On this occasion, the rightful father is responsible for his son's appearance on the Great Stage of Life... Let common sense prevail – The Ultimate Force has not cuckolded you!
             "Your story is a sequel to the one that’s been revered in the past, but it doesn’t mean you are being blasphemous... I decide what blasphemy is!
             "Many have strived to become the moral champions of their time, and some have possessed very special powers to demonstrate the full potential of my development plan for the Universe. However, despite this, each has failed to establish the practical morality I require of human beings to safeguard their voyage into a bright new future – And my eventual emergence as the perfected, conscious, benevolent dictator of all I created out of nothing... There is certainly no future in death... Death in itself does not exist; it's only part of Life!
       "Listen to the spirit of truth; let only my words be your guide.
             "Your son's future is in your own hands... Live on, and accept this responsibility... You have taken your Last Supper in an era of fishy activists... So, ignore all their red herrings, and be sure not to miss the Boat to the Future. It’s now ready to set sail, but its departure depends entirely on an irrevocable decision you must soon make.       
             "Brian, whether you appreciate it or not, you are now living in an Age of Enlightenment... But, if you persist in trying to find other more worthy leaders than myself, tomorrow will be Doomsday – not only for this New Age, but also for you, humanity, and all that’s ever been created by it.
             "So, one last warning: You have the rest of today to make your final choice... It has to be one of their boats – or mine!              
             "And, Brian, just remember: Jesus, part of the collective consciousness voiced by the Guiding Power, is relying on you to make the right decision.
             "So, begin straight away – go forth and try to find a leader who can promise you anything better than I have to offer!"


Well, what had been clearly expressed had really kicked the specious edicts of Churchianity into touch, so to speak; and if at the time I hadn’t been so preoccupied with striving to save humanity, and although I’d come to learn that the virgin-birth version of Jesus’ arrival on the Stage of Life was just so much Biblical Bunkum, I might well there and then have sought a far more valid and alternative reason for Joseph getting no credit for the birth. However, that was history. The time was now and for some mystical reason I did seek an answer to the religious skullduggery, and this all seemed to be centred on the Ultimate Force’s statement: And my eventual emergence as the perfected, conscious, benevolent dictator of all I created out of nothing.

My search started immediately, and it didn’t take me long to reconnect the Biblical virgin-birth story with the Land of the Gods, Ancient Egypt, where Isis, Goddess, mother and protectress of the Pharaoh’s represented much the same imagery. But, if the virgin-birth story in the Bible was nonsense, this must also have applied to the story of Isis. So, what was the true story? To arrive at the answer, I then carried out a detailed study of the mythical background to the Set, Osiris, Isis and Horus saga, bearing in mind that whatever had been traditionally recorded might well have been bunkum in itself. Today’s world was plagued by false-flag situations, and there seemed to be no reason for me to think that in the past humans in power had been the epitome of honesty.

Allegedly: Set had murdered Isis’ husband Osiris, who also happened to be her brother to keep things in the family, so to speak: Isis had then recovered his body parts, with the noteworthy exception of his penis: Then, with the wise counsel of the God Thoth, and to the great relief of Amun/Amen Ra, she had magically managed to reanimate Osiris and integrate him with herself: And, finally, self-produced Horus, their son. All this had sounded fishy to me, especially as I also learnt that she’d cunningly managed to acquire the secret name of Amun/Amen-Ra, epitome of the Eternal Sun God, and was thereby waging a secret agenda of her own. Typical, I thought, corruption of power at its very best, and it was all to do with sex. Then, a surge of realization struck me: Isis had converted herself into a hermaphrodite to give birth to Horus, and she was withholding this happening from all but the chosen few of her entourage and maybe those who became wise enough to decipher the symbolic nature of her name – ISIS!

The plot thickens, I thought! So, what could her name represent, relative to the present English alphabet? Well, once again serendipity played a helpful hand here. I’d only just recently become interested in acronyms, and one letter that seemed most meaningful was ‘I’, representing ‘I AM’. So, if the ‘I’ in ‘ISIS’ meant ‘I AM’, what did the ‘S’ represent, which would connect her with being a hermaphrodite? Then, seemingly right out of the blue, my mind recalled the classic scene that had greeted my eyes from the porthole of the plane that was taking me on a mystical pilgrimage back to the cradle of mankind, and the time when the numerical sequence, leading to the formula ‘Y = X squared plus One’ had been infused into my mind – The Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx. It was serendipity at work again, I thought. What was ‘S’ about the scene? Yes, Eureka, Sphinx! I then set about testing the theory that ‘ISIS’ meant ‘I AM SPHINX’, spelt out twice for good measure.

Now, the Sphinx is a very enigmatic symbol in itself, which seems to have defied all attempts to understand its true meaning for millennia. And its age is now almost certainly considered to be at least twice the age of the Great Pyramid itself. It’s basically a human head on a lion’s body – But, for what reason? And the face seems to be that of a female; and a Negroid female, at that! Interesting, I thought. So, I then tried to establish an acronym for the word ‘SPHINX’. This entailed further research into the lesser known Gods of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon. I finally decided ‘S’ simply stood for ‘SYMBOL’: ‘P’ stood for ‘PREHISTORY’: ‘H’ stood for ‘HAPI’: ‘I’ stood for ‘I AM’: ‘N’ stood for ‘NOW’: and ‘X’ stood for ‘AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!’

So, who, in the name of all that’s hermaphroditic, is HAPI, you might ask? Well, HEYes, still patriarchal! – was supposedly the God of the Nile; representative of the central star of Orion’s Belt; and typically depicted as a MAN with a large belly, wearing a loincloth, and having long hair and pendulous, female-like breasts. Just more deception, I thought! Because, under the loincloth, I mystically realized there lurked a deep, dark secret that the patriarchal elite didn’t want revealed: For, it just so happens that HAPI is a SHE – HERMAPHRODITE! – and the SPHINX, a stone effigy, symbolically carved in HER lasting honour, more importantly represents the balanced duality of GOD (ULTIMATE FORCE) in both ITS spiritual  and temporal state as an ANDROGYNOUS ULTIMATE BEING on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun.

Weren’t the Ancient Kemetians a temporally and spiritually clued up lot? And, if it weren’t for the SPHINX, they’d hardly be known; no thanks in this respect to the likes of ISIS and her ilk. But, this would have to be the subject of yet another revelationary story involving the later pyramid era, when a more sophisticated version of the SPHINX was built next to It: The GREAT PYRAMID OF CHEOPS; with its in-built sonic resonance features; its secretive and mystical initiatory purpose, which became no stranger to me in 1980; its King and Queen chambers, representing Kundalini; and its overriding stone, grandiose and symbolic image of WOMAN/MAN in a life-after-life, evolutionary climb towards conscious perfection and eternity. Enough said, I feel!         

Oh, before I finish, I thought I ought to give you my acronym for GOD: ‘G’ for ‘GUARANTOR’: ‘O’ for ‘OF’: and ‘D’ for ‘DIVINITY’Cheers!

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka

PS: BRIAN’s acronym: ‘BA’: ‘RA’: ‘I AM’: ‘AMEN’: ‘NOW’ – ‘BA’ was the Ancient Egyptian for ‘SOUL’… ILUMS!!!

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