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The Mystically Manipulated Life of Brian – According to Brian!

Make no mistake, fellow travellers! This doesn't mean I was begrudged freewill. At any stage of my extraordinary life, I could have acted contrary to any of the serendipitous happenings that always seemed to be guiding me. I could have been tempted away from the path that was leading me to eternity, ad infinitum, amen, like Jesus in the desert, or Buddha under the Bodhi Tree. But, apart from having a few lapses on route, and despite many of my more noteworthy happenings occurring in the lavatory, of all places, I chose to remain on the path; and I’m so glad I did. I now live with enduring hope in a cosmos with an infinite purpose. And, what better could it be than to know you’re everlasting; destined to become Animate God on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun, before going into the melting pot, so to speak, and then starting the process all over again forever? Can’t be bad, can it? What’s more: Anyone can join me on this wonderland odyssey, just by believing in my simple Y= X squared plus One Cosmogony, abiding by the stringent rules of cosmic harmony, and repeating ‘I believe’ earnestly to yourself, three times. Let’s face it: You are your own Temple: Nothing else is necessary: And this is what I now call Brianism, as all that has happened in my life, right up to date, has, with my complete willingness, mystically manipulated it. But, what has now brought on this sudden urge for me to make such claims? One answer alone: The latest and, in my opinion, most convincing serendipitous happening of all, which in many ways even surpasses the extraordinary mystical initiation process I experienced in 1980, and all others that followed in its mind-boggling wake. But, let me now explain in more detail.

This happening really follows on directly and as result of the findings of my last article Man Diffused (Defused!) – According to Brian! In it, I’d, not without good reason, affixed an acronymic reason for my given-name, BRIAN – BA: RA: I AM: AMEN: NOW! If I was indeed all I felt myself to be – The Ultimate Force in Its present Animate State on Earth – then, this made perfect sense, and firmly established my divine connection back to Ancient Egypt. And, then, if this was so, I thought that maybe my blood-line children might also be similarly acronymically linked. So, I’d started to work on the names, MARK and PATRICK, my two sons, and PATRICIA, my daughter; and soon conjured up a few possibilities: A, R, I had of course been no problem: T could possibly have stood for THOTH, scribe-god of wisdom and magic, amongst other things, and perhaps another son of RA: C could maybe have stood for CHRIST, as with my mystic-initiation understanding of the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, this was how the term had first arisen; Jesus being just one of the many to have been CHRISTED: K probably stood for KA, meaning DOUBLE: M and P, though, seemed impossible to decipher, if any real sense was to be made out of the whole exercise: And I’d almost given up the exercise, when on a sudden impulse I’d decided to send a copy of Man Diffused (Defused!) – According to Brian! to a Facebook friend; not a member of the Cosmos Coconut Club; but someone I knew to be intimately involved with Ancient Egypt, its myth and its Mysteries. My message follows:

Hi Patricia,
I've always been a fan of your site, due to my 'mystical connection' with the Great Pyramid in 1980. My own site explains this connection in full detail. So, I'll not enlarge on it here. I once even invited you to become a member of this site but my invitation fell upon stony ground, I feel. You even once liked a photo of me dressed as a tramp. Yes, I've always liked to play the fool, but I feel I can also play the part of the wise clown. This is why I am 'one to another' sending you my latest mystically-inspired article, which has been posted on my site in a slightly different form. I thought it would be of interest to you, as you are the 'Leading Light' of your own site, and I certainly have no wish to have my article posted on your site, when it can be accessed and addressed on my own site. One final reason caused me to send this message: My daughter is a Patricia and my son a Patrick. I feel these names have a deep-seated mystical and acronymic meaning, but only if related to the English alphabet, back to Ancient Egypt. I've my own ideas, but wonder if you've ever had the same feelings. I would of course be interested to have your reaction to this message by return.
Cosmically yours,
With all my past disappointments of receiving no answers to heartfelt overtures, I was therefore quite surprised to receive a reply almost immediately. It follows:

Hi Brian!
Very interesting article – although I don't agree with all of it – your summation "more importantly represents the balanced duality of GOD (ULTIMATE FORCE) in both ITS spiritual and temporal state as an ANDROGYNOUS ULTIMATE BEING on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun" is spot on. I classify the Neters in a totally different way – Although the myths were used to promote many agendas of thought and "religion" over time.
In truth – I am so overwhelmed with work most days I don't have the time to check out videos, or other groups. I belong to so many that I never have time to visit. We just completed a huge tour – including 3 weeks of field work –so, I am now playing catch up. It seems to be the story of my life these days. I'm not complaining! I know I am blessed to be working in Egypt during such difficult times here.
I find that I cannot keep up with everyone's questions or requests.
My mother called all of her stuffed animals and dolls "Patricka" when she was young, which her mother reminded her after she named me. They used to call me "Patty" – but, as an adult I have preferred "Patricia" and feel that it suits me. There is supposedly no "P" in hieroglyphs (But, I doubt the truth of this) and in Arabic. Everyone here (except family) calls me "Ba-tricia". Hmmmmm – interesting?

The message was ended with a smiley, and I immediately replied as follows:

Thanks, Ba-tricia. Sound was everything to the Ancient Egyptians, and ‘P’ does sound like a ‘B’. ‘P’ was giving me some problem with the names of my kids as acronyms, but now I have an excuse to substitute B (Ba) for P (Ptah), especially as I've developed Meniere’s disease, gone deaf in one ear, and all sound seems to have become distorted. Maybe the ancients all suffered from the same disease. LOL!
As ever,
All this hadn't helped me a lot, but it suddenly came to me that P did not only sound like B, but also looked like it. Symbolically, if just its looped part was considered, it was half of it. This had me setting up the following acronyms:
MARK – M (?): AMEN: RA: K (?): PATRICK – B (HALF): AMEN: THOTH: RA: I AM: CHRIST: KA: PATRICIA – B (HALF): AMEN: THOTH: RA: I AM: CHRIST: I AM: A (? – It couldn't be AMEN again, surely). This then had me stumped for a day or two, and entering into much hypnagogic and hypnopompic contemplation. Chewing things over in my mind, I was determined not to be defeated. Then, suddenly it clicked: the word KA was two letters, with K the end of PATRICK and A the end of PATRICIA. Yes, it was another HALF/HALF situation, and it meant that the PATRICK and PATRICIA letters then equated with the same acronym: The last letter of each name was a HALF of KA. Things were certainly becoming very interesting. Now, I had to consider what to do about MARK – M (?) AMEN: RA: KA (HALF). How could this acronym be completely resolved to make sense of the whole exercise? And KA (HALF) had already been taken up by PATRICK. More contemplation was necessary.

How these things come to me, I’ll never really understand, but they do! I’d suddenly become inspired to review the SET, OSIRIS, ISIS, HORUS myth. There just had to be some kind of connection with what I was trying to establish. In my last article, I’d proven ISIS to be a hermaphrodite, who, with the magical aid of the wise THOTH, had managed to reanimate OSIRIS and integrate him into her body. So, she then had a male and female constitution and was effectively both OSIRIS and ISIS. This had immediately suggested that PATRICK and PATRICIA could at present symbolically represent ISIS, especially if I were now symbolically representing AMEN-RA. They were acronymically compatible and my offspring. But, so was MARK, and where did this leave him as part of the mythological puzzle? By then, though, there’d been no doubt left in my mind as to where this exercise was leading. My family circumstances in the present were becoming a symbolic living representation of the Ancient Egyptian myth itself. And, finally, after more contemplation, the answer had suddenly struck me like a slap round the face: OSIRIS had had to live before being killed by SET to correct AMEN-RA’s evolutionary track-record and become reanimated in ISIS: MARK had been born before PATRICK. So, symbolically, MARK and PATRICK both represented OSIRIS; one before being killed and the other after. Riddle almost solved, I thought. However, mystical manipulation was to prove me wrong.  

It seemed my Mystic Master, ever watchful over my efforts on Earth to establish Its truth, rather than the multitude of false-flag truths that were ever trying to oppose Its truth, could sense I was about to make a serious blunder. And, despite the fact that at the end of my mystical initiation in 1980, It had said, ‘This voice is now your voice!’ It again came to my assistance, not as a voice, but as series of well-defined ideas in my mind. ‘Seek the right track-record of RA, not the specious one concocted by the Ancient Egyptians to serve their primitive knowledge of genetics. There was no need to kill Osiris to make him part and parcel of a hermaphrodite. He was already on route to this, my eventual Ultimate Animate State. Think laterally, Brian!’     

So, cosmic duty-bound, it seemed, but using my own freewill, I set up what was effectively the critical path for RA, from beginning to end, just four items: These were: BA (Soul), RA (Sun God), AMEN-RA, KA – That was about it, with no distractions, misunderstandings and, pardon me for acronymically saying so, BS. And, the only unnecessary deviation from this path, as far as I could see, were the acronyms for PATRICK and PATRICIA, which had needed SET and THOTH to get them back on the RA critical path. It was really getting close to GSAM, via BRIAN, to UF: A very clever piece of MM had taken place. MARK had become MAAT: AMEN: RA: KA. And, who was MAAT, you might ask. She was daughter of RA, wife of THOTH, and the ideogram of her name – truth or justice! The rest about her can be learnt from a reference book. But, MARK is a male, you might say! Not if he symbolically represents the Ultimate Hermaphrodite on Planet Earth in the System of the Sun, he won’t be. He’ll have become a male/female of the opposite sex, so to speak. LOL!

So ends this classic example of MM, fellow travellers. AMEN!

Cosmically yours,

Cosmos Coconut Club
Sri Lanka


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